Sunday, August 14, 2005

Nothing to do with PMS

In a bad mood not coz of Pms, I dun really get pms, it's jus an excuse for me to bitch.. cramps of course I'll get it, but if i ignore it, it'll go away.. I have a high threshold for pain, cramps are no big shit to me. Not tryin to sound scary.. but I like pain at times, brings clarity to my thoughts.

I jus dun see the need to be in a good mood.. I jus dun like to travel a long long way home.. I jus dun like to have to wait and wait for the stupid bus.. So is there a need for me to be in a good mood?

I jus got home, jus put down my stuff, haven even got the time to unpack. My mum is not happy coz I was not back home the previous nite.. argh.. talking about reputation again.. what kinda reputation does she want? does she know that I'm a well known 花痴 in school?? haiz.. I know she's worried about me, but I really know how to take care of myself. And I'm glad she doesn know about the rest of my "wild history" *shhh*

Accountability.. answering to someone else.. I dunno.. I dun like to do that anymore.. I used to do that, msg every morning, msg when i reach office, msg when i go off for lunch, msg when I'm back from lunch, msg when i'm off work, msg when i get home. Maybe I'm tired of all these already. I did it last time coz Darren needs to know where I am, and I want him to know where I am. I dun do it now coz ... ... .. i dunno, i jus dun want to.. I dun feel like it.

It's not differential treatment, it's jus that I'm out of that phase of my life.

and my phone is flat, how can i msg when there's no more batt?? I sound gruffy, coz I'm not particularly in a good mood ok.

Nothing to do with PMS.

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