Sunday, August 07, 2005

NDP Dinner at Gombak

ndp dinner3More NDP stuff.. went over to Bukit Gombak for NDP dinner.. had to go coz there's not enough pple to go.. sianz sianz.. anyway it's a temple thingy.. they had 9 dinners on saturday itself!! so llpp have to go lor.. and they paid 2000 bucks for it, of course must go..

that's the invitation we got, very sianz, never managed to win anything from the lucky draw or the table draw.. chey.. and can see my nails?? super nice rite?? hee.. be patient, will show more pics of my nails later :) jus went for a manicure on fri :)

The venue was so far away, all the way at Bukit Batok there :p so me, Jason, my mum, my dad, Xiaobao, my uncle, my auntie and my little cousin attended the dinner together.. 8 pple went for a table of 10. For those who haven been attending such dinners, it's always best to have only 7~8 pple present only, then u'll have more space on the table and more food for everyone :p and the best time to leave is jus before they serve the dessert..

oh yah, forgot the most important thing, do not ever go on time.. else u'll end up waiting waiting and waiting like an ah gong :p if the dinner starts at 730, reaching at 8 is jus nice coz that's when the dinner's gonna start, no need to wait..
but there were times when the dinner starts even later.. like on sat, we still had to wait for another half an hour before dinner started.. we were so bored we started taking boliao pictures :p that's me and my mei acting like pizi :p we were playing with toothpicks and started snapping these silly pics..

My mum did a trick with the toothpicks, was quite cool wor, but forgot to take pic :p she can make the tootpicks open up to become a start wor.. exciting rite?? haha.. then we made all sorts of silly things with the toothpicks.. too bad they gave us too few toothpicks :p

ndp dinner12
That's my little cousin Jia², very cute rite?? she got those super big eyes!! really darn cute and she's very very smart.. and she speaks hokkien better than I do.. darn it!!

and she's only 7 and she can speak and analyse things like an adult.. I wish my kid would be like that next time :p

Dear² jus made new glasses, silver half frame.. but i think it's abit too low-lying (?) for his face, abit like those ah pek glasses leh :p hee..

And I'm too darn fair already.. really need to take time to do some proper tanning.. see my nails again?? so nice rite?? haha.. I've been going on and on about my nails for the past weekend.. I did it specially for national day wor..

eh.. look at my mei's cheeks, so red and cute.. hee.. jus noticed it.. and i never did anything to the photo oki.. except resize it.. she always have pink cheeks, but never realise it's so pink :p

look how cute Jia² is.. bo ge leh.. haha..

ndp dinner8
That's my dad (in red) and Minster of Transport, George Yeo (in gray).. I really need my 903, my 802 cannot make it already, cant take picture properly :( oh wellz.. anyway, here's what my dad got from the minister on behalf of the temple..

ndp dinner4
and you know something, this cost the temple a freaking 2000 bucks oki!! for a piece of plastic?!?!?! politics.. that's why I got put off the idea of entering into politics.. it's jus too.. too.. FAKE..

ndp dinner6
There are all sorts of entertainment during the dinner, ranging from horrible singing by this mother and son, to horrible dancing by this bunch of aunties and uncles, to belly dancing by some girls that looks like ktv girls.. then there was the horrible pair of comperes, who cant host for shit.. cant speak properly, and cant even read the scripts properly.. and not to mention badly dressed.. the guy was wearing loose, very loose pants.. plus oversized coat.. err.. borrowed from his dad? oh yah, the guy compere was the one who sang with his mother and the girl compere was his sister.. i give them a rating of 1 out of 10, 1 mark for not being afraid of losing face in front of the whole estate.

There were three performances that were ok, first was this dance item by the down syndrome group, it was not that good, but their courage was admirable. Then there's this play by a primary school which was quite good.. last is the dragon dance performance which was boring at first.. explains why i took pictures of the shadows instead of the actual dragon.. the shadows were more scary and interesing.. but the ending was quite good.. :p but the sad thing is, there's no cute guys AT ALL in the group.. not even one leh.. lousy..

End of the dinner :p see my pretty nails.. hee.. nice nice nice nails..


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