Thursday, August 04, 2005

dank it, I have roaming eyes

oh yes it's back.. sometimes i feel like this giggly 16 year old girl ogling at cute guys :p but I cant help it, they are really cute mah.. and it's fun looking at cute guys with ur best buddy, like what me and jun did over at Bakerzin last weekend.. hee..

I guess one reason why I can start having roaming eyes again is coz Dear² is pretty ok about it.. he wouldn get very upset, though he pretends to be, and he will actually 陪我 biao.. hee.. really.. that time over at CommunicAsia, we saw this super cute guy over at the Motorola booth and Dear² was the one who approached him to take a picture oki..

the guy is cute rite? ok, this photo is not too flattering for him.. But he's really really very cute!! ask Jason about it!!

Also, he's abit taller than dear², i'm standing on a platform in this pic.. hee.. like that then nicer mah.. dearie also took a pic with him.. coz he's jus so cute.. I dun have the pic uploaded, so cant post..

Really very cute hor.. he looks darn good in suit too.. saw him on the news the next day :p

and the day I was there, we noticed alot of other guys staring at him.. hmmm.. never really had a chance to look at his butt..

Mei's friend, Linus knows some of the female models over at the motorola booth and they all thought that he was cute too :p

The two of us really went gaga over him.. initially i didnt want to approach him to take a pic, paiseh mah, then dear² said he wants to take a pic with him and went up to talk to him oki... hmmm.. integra incident again?? haha.. have I blogged about that incident b4?? cant remember liao.. but my dear² had been picked up twice by GUYS hor!!! haha... *Dark Grey Integra*

anyway back to my biaoing.. recently keep seeing this cute guy around my office area, those 浓眉大眼.. and tall², and wears shirt and pants.. I like guys in pants, coz it shows their butt very nicely.. hee.. and I like guys in shirts, coz most shirts are very flattering, it makes them look much slimmer.. especially those with broad shoulder or chest.. so nice!!! I like *忍忍忍*

Then jus now at lunch, there's this waiter that looks like Kelvin.. and mannerisms also abit like him.. very friendly and helpful with a very cute smile :) but i think he's a Vietnamese or Thai, dun sound local.. there's alot of thai waitress over at the new restaurants in the newly revamp marina square. But too bad for singles, he have a gold band on his ring finger.. haiz..

anyway Kelvin is this cute guy, not too tall but jus nice for me.. hee.. 20cm taller than me is my ideal.. but 31cm is great too :p and then Kelvin's this young lawyer over at Lee & Lee hor, dun play play.. a very very nice guy, who also happen to have a fantastically cute elder brother whose a Doctor and a very patient one. Good genes run in the family siah.. *envy*

Oh yah, how can I forget Wilem, my cute agent.. also 浓眉大眼.. then his voice was like so nice lor.. When i first talked to him over the phone, I was thinking, god is fair, he must be average looking only coz he have such a great voice.. turned out, God is not fair.. he is damn cute lor.. the cute guy around my office looks like him.. brothers?? hmmm.. *yummy* *oops*

And then there's Tom, this Australian guy that I'm working with, abit too old for my liking but he have the blue-est eyes I've seen.. those light blue ones that u see on tv.. oooo.. so so so nice.. *awwww*

going to meet my dear² now, he's picking me up from work like he does every single day oki :p sweet rite? I wouldnt trade my dear² for any of the cute guys I biao.. coz He's the BEST :p *muaah*

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