Sunday, August 07, 2005

Look at my pretty nails

I cant help it.. my nails are jus so darn pretty after the manicure on friday.. i must must have an entire post dedicated to my nails.. hee..

SO So so nice rite?? red and white leh, i think i'm darn patriotic.. hee.. I did these jus for national day wor..

Went over to the shop in Suntec (near Carrefore) to have my nails done on friday :p Jun/Xuan:: it's not the one that we went to during chinese new year, it's a new shop now.. but still quite good :)

can u see the glitter?? it's a French manicure, with red base and white tip, then with an additional layer of glitter.. so so nice :) hee.. It cost me a total of 39 bucks, 22 for the manicure, additional 5 bucks for the french manicure, 12 for a nail treatment..

I love manicure and pedicures, jus makes me feel so darn pampered.. I'm definitely going back there again, but next month, blew my budget for this month already :p

See how well the red goes with my fair hands (haha.. I'm very bhb when it comes to my hands.. I have pretty hands with pretty fingers and nails, everyone knows that :p).. then see how well it goes with my diamond ring.. hee.. I love love love my hands

See, my manicure goes well with my metal ring too :) and see how shiny my nails are.. haha..

I've really been going on and on about my nails for the past weekend.. but I really cant help it, it's jus so damn nice.. haha.. initially me and my manicurist wanted to do a red base with white stars, but then it's too diffcult already, and i didnt really have the time, so it's basic french for me.. But it turned out to be so so nice.. hee..

I love my nails!!!

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