Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My Sharp 903!!!

Anyone tell me, how can you not love love love this phone?!?

it's so damn nice!!!

Just look at it.. omg!! I cant wait to get my hands on it.

Nokia N90?! what the shit are u?? look at 903 and N90 can go shrivel up in a corner and die..

I'm no bias hor.. hmm.. actually I am, I dun like Nokia, only it's monchrome phones are good, the rest are *shake head* cmi will always be cmi.

Ok, so what's so good about this phone? everything.. haha..

Ok, first, it's a Japanese phone, so it's gonna be one of the best you can find around :p and it's gonna be an exclusive phone, coz not many can afford it and not many knows how to get it.. hee.. i'm a sucker for such phones, I cannot stand it when I see someone else using the same phone as I do, so Nokia? huh? what's that? toilet paper company? haha..

Next, it's 3G :p once I get this phone, fix my current phone, will be able to do vid calls with Jason liao :) yeah!! so fun!!

Just look at it and tell me it's not chio, I dare u to.. the design is simple and slick, jus look at the colours.. I jus love the black one.. argh.. the red one is also damn chio.. my gosh, jus look at it.. doesn it look like the 902sh ferrari version?? But I'm gonna stick to the black one.. coz it's so damn nice.. or the red one is nicer?? argh.. how how?? they're all so nice!!

the screen can be swiveled around, so there's no need for an external screen.. which is something i will miss but can live without.. jus no more flipping open and answering the phone directly :p

But it's really ok, coz the screen is made with ASV (Advance Super V) ie, it's a god-damn Aquos screen lor!! Aquos leh, LCD TV leh!! I've played with 902sh, which uses the same screen.. initially i tot they stuck a sticker on the screen, u know, those damn bright and colourful sticker that makes u think the screen is that good.. then I realized, omg, that is the screen!! it's is so damn bright and colourful.. I'm sold.. I'm in love..

Plus it has a 3.2 mp camera, it's 3.2mp oki!! N90 is only 2mp, so what if the lens are Carl Zeiss.. Sharp is well known for its phones which takes great pictures, and I'm sure 903 would not disappoint.. plus, the internal camera (for vid calls) is 1.3mp oki.. where to find. Oh yah, the 3.2mp is a CCD lens, which is way better than CMOS, in terms of camera phones, not talking about SLRs.. I cant cant cant wait.. my 802se camera cmi one.. even my S7 is better.. I need a better camera so that i can blog more!!!

903 comes with this 3D surround sound system, which is just great!! since 903 is sorta built upon 902, and 902 already had superb sound system.. argh.. the speakers are on the side of the phone, not the back, so it's really surround sound.. gosh..

Only down side of the phone, it's HUMONGOUS!! it's bigger and heavier than my current phone!! serious!! and thicker?!? how how?? plus it uses mini-SD, unlike 902 which uses SD, abit more ex but still more affordable than MSD..

It's officially coming out on the 12th, this coming friday!! give about a month or two for it to get unlocked.. think I shld be able to get my hands on it come Nov?? I cant wait..


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