Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's a Wonderful Wednesday ^.^/

My gosh, if only everyday could be like today :)

First I got a msg from my dearie telling me he's making lunch and bringing it over to my office :) so it's one upz :)

then didnt get much mail over the holidays, so very quickly managed to clear my mails!! another upz..

Wenwei msg me on msn telling me that Taiwan is already selling my V903SH!!! then I went check the Vodafone site and the phone is coming out this Friday!! Finally!! one more upz!!

Soon it was lunchtime and I gotta meet Jason downstairs.. we went over to Sky Garden to have our lunch that my dearie prepared :p he's quite a good cook wor.. the 标准住家男人 ;)

on our way there, I saw my cute guy again!! he was having lunch with his colleagues over at Kushinbo (that place is not worth anyone's time, the food is not worth the price u pay.. *thumbs down*) anyway later after work, dearie saw him smoking over at my office block.. so he works near me!! maybe same co too?? hee.. upz

I like this pic, my phone takes good pics when there's good lighting :p but i guess every camera takes good pictures when there good lighting :p and i jus did my brows over at i inovu over at Suntec, I like the way the sales did it :) so much better than my previous messy brows :p

and now, I present the lovely bento that my dearie specially, lovingly prepared for me :)
pretty rite??
a close-up on the food
yes dear, i can read the words :p forgot to orientate properly before i upload :p and flickr cannot orientate properly leh.. but can still read :p
snowman made from fishballs :)

In addition to this bento, dearie also made kway tiao soup for me.. the food this time round is really very good!! very very nice :)

Inside the bento is butter rice (yes, he can make butter rice) which smells great and taste jus as good :) there's all sorts of ingredients inside the butter rice, which made it extra yummy.. then there's the standard fried chicken and the cute snowman fishballs :) The kway tiao soup was good too, not soggy coz Jason separate them out before bringing it over, and there's lotsa vege and my fav crabstick in it.. so it was good..

oh yah, how can i forget, Jason even made me Bird's Nest drink, not those can one wor, it's actual bird nest that he got from Fu Hwa and boiled for me.. that silly boy, spend all these money when he's broke already..

Lunch was really really very good, thank you dear²!!! double upz

After work, we went over to Bugis to get a present for Jason's mei, Huiyi, walked and walked around before we decided to get her a Panasonic X400 from m1 shop.. But the queue was damn long.. waited and waited and waited.. *bored* finally got to our turn like after at least half an hour and brought her a white X400 :)

She was so happy when she got the phone :) hee.. glad she liked it.. we were debating between motorola e398 or the samsung soap phone, then we saw this and decided this was the phone to get for her.. so one more upz

ok, actually Jason got her the phone.. then I was like thinking shld I get her a pouch or something else, went up to level 3 of Bugis to see see.. I cant remember the name of the shop, but it's the one that sells alot of cute cute stuff :p

Got her a matching handphone strap after much shopping.. I saw so so many things that I wanna buy but ren ren ren.. in the end got the strap and a very cute sticker.. hee.. I'm a sucker for stickers.. I have tons of them.. Love to use them when I'm writing letter :Þ my buddies shld know that :) that's what all of us likes to do..

after getting the strap, we went out and I saw something cute, it was this cute little white dolphin plushy.. so I stopped Jason and ask him to take a look.. and ALL OF A SUDDEN, I saw something which I had really wanted from a long long time ago, and never managed to get..

Jason rushed into the shop and finally got me the thing that he promised to get me..

I finally got my Pooky!!!
See how cute he is..
Peeking out.. *awwwww*

He's jus so so so so cute!! saw him during chinese new year, and had been wanting him for like eons.. tot he was totally sold out but then.. finally got my Pooky!!

After some discussion, we decided to call him Perfect, coz my Pooky is perfect in every way.. and now come think of it, he's the Perfect ending to a Perfect day :) upz upz upz

Thank you dear² for getting me Perfect, here's something for you :)

doggy all

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