Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Looking forward to lunch again : )

Yeah!!! looking forward to lunch again :) coz dearie is gonna make me lunch again :)

It's his off day today, think from this week on, early ORD already, clearing leave!! So gonna have lotsa time together :p

Wellz, he shld be in the market now, buying all the stuff for my lunchbox.. wonder what will I get this afternoon.. hee.. I'm hungry already.. :Þ

On another note, Dear² is going for operation tomorrow, gonna remove the metal and screws from his foot. It's gonna be a day surgery but gonna stay in hospital for a day.. Hope everything will goes well and he heals real fast.. thinking if shld take some time off tmr to go down to visit him in the hospital.. but i dun like going down to hospitals.. :( it's always so awkward and stiff (?) but wil still go down, cant possibly leave my dear all alone mah..


Burnz said...

dear... thanks for coming down tomorrow. So how's the lunch... nice?
Was afraid that's too plain for u.

Jayce said...

no dear.. it's very nice :) thank u for the lovely lunch *huggiez*