Thursday, August 11, 2005


Jason is in hospital right now..

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He's just finished his operation to remove the metal plates and screws in his leg.. *pain* He broke his leg sometime last year and broke his leg (near the ankle part) into 3 parts.. had to put in the metal plates and screws to let his leg heal properly..

Now his bones had more or less healed, the doc decided to take out the metal plate and most of the screws, leaving only 2 long screws inside his ankle. Coz his ankle bones shattered, he'll need the screws to support his ankle..

very heartpain.. He called me the first thing he woke up.. His voice sounded so hoarse.. and he told me it was very painful :( the doc already gave him three shots of morphine but it still hurt.. *心痛*

His blood pressure is super high now coz of the pain.. waiting for him to call me to confirm his ward number then if later not much things to do, try to go off early to go see my dearie..

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