Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I have a Good Boss

(Gonna write this post in her favourite colour :p)

My 3rd time working for a female boss, first time was a Connie (HK) in OCBC, then Deborah (TW) in HSBC, now Serene (local) in Citibank :) I like working with female boss that are not local, coz they are not that petty and they see the big picture. The other thing I like about them is that they draw their lines very clearly, they judge you based on your work and not whether they like your face or not.. not like that witch back in HSBC who "see face" one.. but heard she's better already.. but who cares, i dun remember her name!! hahaha.. no point remembering such pple's name.

of course Serene is not that great all the time, she actually ask alot from us, and we need to do alot of things and more often than not, do the same thing over and over again, changing this and changing that. She can be abit picky sometimes.

But overall I think she's a very good boss despite being local. Her style is very similar to Connie, she's a leader who looks at the big picture and is very professional. But most importantly, she's a very good motivator. Even though she piles us with work, she will constantly motivate us, telling us what good jobs we're doing, praising us in the emails sent to the vendors and such.

I think this is a very important trait to be a good boss, you must know the right buttons to press in your employees to make them want to work, even work harder for you.

Wellz, that feeds my ego and makes me really wanna get my job done faster and better. There's a different being called a project assistant and a project manager, though the work done is exactly the same :p I'm currently working on a project and she appointed me as the Porject Manager wor.. haha.. to others it may be nothing, doing the same shit work mah, but at least I gotta be called a Manager.. hee.. *easily contented*

Hmm.. she shall be my target, hopefully in time to come, I can be 50% like her and that would be great :) not too ambitious.. I prefer to lead a quiet life and have time for my family now and my family in the future.. also remember, I'm a Koala bear, i need my 20 hours of sleep :Þ

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