Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Farewell Lunch @ Trader's Hotel CafeBiz

To see my "dear" colleague off, we had a nice lunch over at CafeBiz, the place is nice, I've been to Trader's but this is the first time I ate there. The buffet spread was quite good, but it's more on the Asian side, so had lotsa weird curries and stuff that I dun take :p I never really fancied curry..

Wellz, the desserts were quite good and they have a small chocolate fountain.. hmm.. everywhere seems to be gettin one these days.. used to be so special but now it's like everywhere..

Will talk about the food in a separate post.. with pictures of course, what's all the use of tasty food if they dun look good :p like the durian paste thing they have over at Merchant court, it looks like puke.. ee.. and smells.. ee... i dun like durians, never really fancied them..

Ok, we had lunch, ate quite abit then started talking about what she did in the one year she was here, what does she have to say to everyone and such.. argh.. I hate these, you'll have to think of nice things to say, which i really dun have much to say about her.. Have to crap abit.. she's the laziest of our whole dept, only do a few things but make it seems like she's doing LOADS of stuff. bullocks!

Anyway the whole show was sorta ran by my big boss, who is this friendly (from now on I shall try to refrain from using the word "nice". it's overused and it doesn mean a thing.. and something else which darren had said before but I couldn remember :p) and really quite capable, one down the COE in Singapore wor..

Why am I talking so much unnecessary stuff?? hmm.. oh well.. my point is, during such lunch meetings.. honestly dun see it as a farewell lunch, coz almost all they talk about are work work work.. hello, it's lunch now, cant talk about those things later? anyway, almost my whole dept was there.. from the lunch, you can really tell who are the boss and who are the workers.

Like me and my other colleagues, we keep quiet most of the time, nod our heads and listen to what my bosses have to say.. My big boss will go on and on, talking about alot of things. Alot of people can go on and on of course, but my boss speaks with substance, there's meaning behind the words he say.

And the one must-learn-thing that a high-flyer must have, is to indirectly shoot someone. Even when u're saying the nastiest things about someone, you say it in a way that it does not offend the person. It's easy to be direct, it's difficult to be tactful. And I think both my bosses are such people.

and I had talked about this before, one very important trait of a boss is to make your subordinate feel good about themselves, feel important, motivate them. Think coz I'm in the training department, both my bosses are qualified trainers, they really understood what motivation is about and bring it to work in the workplace. My boss praises us alot in front of other people and that makes us feel important and want to work harder.. It really does.. I've experienced it :p but being the lazy me, the motivated-mode lasts only a week or so.. hee

He said alot of things that were very interesting.. like this on engagement (or something like that), meaning how committed a person is in the job.. then he was talking about the 3 rules, first was to say good things about the job, second is .. .. .. (i forgot already, wanted to use that as an entire post till I realise my short-term memory remains sadly short-term.. so wellz.. that's why there's all these stuff on food and my boss..), third is to strive for the job. It applies to relationships and marriage too.. one must say good things about it and strive to make it better.. I think that's a very important lesson that all of us should learn.

I think this is a horrible post, I'm talking about this and that and I'm not really making sense.. even to myself.. ar.. wellz, it's probably all the chocolate that I've ate jus now.. sugar higggghhhHH.. hahah.. and a rush of endorphines.. hahaha.. then today early day off!! yeah!! :P

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