Thursday, August 18, 2005

For Sharp 903SH lovers

Kudos to all Sharp lovers!! great choice!! It's a outta world phone.. But sadly I dun have it yet..

Noticed some traffic directed over to my blog thru searches for our beloved 903sh.. I'm trying very hard to find ways to get the phone at a reasonable price right now.. If anyone has any contact in Japan, please please please let me know, I need at least 5 sets.. unlocking is not a problem, coz I know someone in sg that can do it..

Oh yah, the good news is, the phone is already unlocked by Taiwan side!! yeah!! way to go Taiwan!!

Will give a review, with sample pics as soon as I lay my phones on my baby.. but earliest estimate will be around next month..

On another note, gonna get our car next month!! actually could get this sometime next week or the week after but coz it's the seventh month, we're waiting till sept to get the car!! yeah!! My V5 :)

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Anonymous said...

errr hi, I don't really know how this works coz my chinese cannot make it. But I just bought a 903sh too but I can't make video conference calls. =(( can yours?? please help!!!

my email: