Monday, July 04, 2005

Monday Blues AGAIN -updates of the last weekend

(Warning.. long long post..)

Here we go again.. with the start of every week, I have to battle the wretched Monday Blues.. where u so hate to leave ur bed for work and yet have to pull urself out of bed and start to put on all ur makeup and such..

..such is life..

and it doesn help that it's raining today, quite heavily at that, the whole sky was jus so dark.. heng it's those "oh-my-gosh-it's-gonna-pour-but-it-only-drizzles" kinda rain..

and it doesn help that I've been sick for the past 3 days and counting..

down with a cold AGAIN.. it's the second time in less than 2 months that I've caught a cold and was down with high fever.. I really must do something in regards to my immune system, I wonder what's wrong with me??

Or maybe it's my house's FengShui?? my mei was down with a cold too (that's where i got my cold from) and my dajie is down with chicken pox!! can u BELIEVE THAT?!? Chicken Pox at the age of 29!?! really very jialat, her whole face and body are covered with spots.. eee...

But luckily, my fever didnt reach the heights of my last fever, only hit a max of 38.6 degrees.. then going down and floating around 37.4~37.8.. I still feel feverish, but i forgot to bring my thermometer so there's no way to tell..

Friday was the worst day that I had.. the fever, on top of the cold, the terrible headache, i practically buried myself in my mei's bed for the whole day, only coming up for air *gasps* and some water.. It was bad, very bad..

Jason came over to take care of me.. listen to me complain about my headaches, my giddiness, my aches and basically everything.. later on he hugged me to sleep coz i was cold (body heat is the best warmth one can get mah.. *grinz*)

Honestly, i think i was awake for about an hour plus on friday..

Then came saturday and i felt better, thank goodness!! coz i was meeting up with my 7 sisters gang :) (me, Yixuan, Huijun, Xianhe, Yunzhen, Yuntian and Ivan)

I managed to get up and changed and waited for Jason to join me before making our way down to cuppage for lunch over at Waraku -Cuppage. Jason was kinda late, he was supposed to be at my house at around 10 but he only reached at about 11. was kinda pissed at him coz he didnt call or msg to explain. But turned out later that he was late for a reason..

My Dearie was late coz he went down to the driving centre to register for his bike lessons.. Wellz, it was kinda a shock to me.. coz after he lost his license, his parents were very upset with him, coz he DID NOT tell them that he was riding a bike and he was speeding @ 196kph. I was jus joking with him the other day for him to get his license back and the next thing i know, he went ahead and registered for his lessons..

That silly Jason, he will do anything jus to make me happy.. and he wants to buy me a tv coz the one in my room is somewhat faulty.. even when he doesn have much cash with him.. that silly boy..

It's great to be loved.. but sometimes i have my doubts.. not about him but about myself.. damn it.. I hate myself at times..

nvm, back to the gathering.. caught up with everyone and had a great great time!!! Also Jun called up Xuan and we had a small chat, it was like everyone was there :)

A little update of everyone..

Zhen:: jus changed department and still happily with Weiwen :) they are jus so sweet together... *aww*
Tian:: she gave us all a shock!! but shall leave it for the next post :p
Ivan:: completing his attachment and still single and available.. BUT being single is GREAT!
Jun:: *envious* threw her letter jus the other week and now happily enjoying ur days like what all of us shld but never does.. (girl, got time come meet me for lunch leh :p hee.. and for that piece of shit, it's HIS LOST. he must be banging his head and crying right now :p but no pities for shit rite :p)
Xianhe:: passed her phd test but decided to downgrade to masters (she's the smartest amongst us all.. masters leh..)
Xuan:: back in Aus with David and Bullet and Pistol.. ( i wan a small doggy also!!!)

We had alot of food, the whole table was filled with food, food and more food.. *yummy* *yummy* I love the udon over at Waraku, it's all handmade and thus extra springy.. Dearie, the udon is meant to be a little hard at the centre, that's the udon equivalent of "al dente" and not to forget the humongous ebi tempura.. *slurps*

and most of all, i love the grated yam, which is this white paste-y thing that is super sticky.. Ivan commented that it looks like mucus.. chey, he jus dunno how to appreciate good food :p hee.. Jason also made a face when he gamingly tried it.. (>.<) this is the face he made :p

Then it's off to Lazy Gourmet for some DESSERTS!!

Was a very hot and sweaty walk over to Shaw, all the way from Cuppage.. was so so relived when we stepped into the nice cooling aircon.

Then we spilt up, me and Dearie went over to Liang Court to buy some food back.. and whilst we were there, we saw this lovely flower called Teddy Bear Sunflower which is like super pretty.. it's like a cross between a sunflower and a chrysanthemum :) got it for Dajie to cheer her up..

Jason stayed over for the night again and I woke up to Mac breakfast on sun :) he wanted to get the mac kaya toast for me but that's available on mon-fri only.. so he got me some Big Breakfast..

Later on my dad asked him to buy 4d and i was thinking.. hmm.. it's the first time my dad got him to buy 4d, maybe we'll strike tonite.. and we did.. at least dearie did, consolation only though, but that's good already.. my dad missed the 2nd prize by jus abit, all the numbers came out backwards.. darn it..

Later in the afternoon, we took daddy's van and went off to pasir ris pet farm to look at all the super super cute doggies.. was so so TEMPTED to buy one.. but then they're all so EX!!!

Then we went to this open area where owners would bring their dogs and let them run free.. saw this super adorable laborador ( dun think it's gold rev).. it's very young, prob only 2~3 months old and it's super kawaii!!! it's jus hugging and guarding his bowl the whole time.. he'll lie flat on the floor and hug his little bowl.. *awwww* *so kawaii*

also went to look at some fishies, buy bubble tea from my fav store at downtown east then it's back home..

Only after i was home when i was actually still running a fever.. so it's back to my pills, my blankie and off to bed again..

That's the end of this super duper long and boring post of my weekend :Þ

~ I love, therefore I am ~

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