Thursday, July 07, 2005


My friend is getting married!! yeah!!! my good friend is getting married!! she's the first amongst us to get married!! I'm so so so excited!!!

did i mention that my friend is getting married?? hee :p

pardon my excitment but this is the first time someone close to me is getting hitched.. cannot count in all the aunts and cousins, coz never really bothered about them.. but Tian is different, we've known each other since Pri 5.. that's a total of 13 years of friendship wor!!

She dropped us the bombshell last weekend when she told us she and tong got a new flat in Toa Payoh. But they seem abit reluctant to tell us the actual details of when are they gonna get married and such.. but hey, they got a flat already, in singapore, only related couples (meaning parent-child; husband-wife) can own a HBD flat, else u'll have to wait till 35 to buy a flat, and that's only up to 4-room ( i think).

Talk abit about the couple.. Tian is quite a high flyer, over in this big foreign bank (?) right now, pulling in quite abit.. Tong is airforce sign-on, not pilot though, but seems to be doing well. His bond is ending in 3 years and then he's gonna go into the finance market like Tian. The two are super lovey dovey, even after being together for like 3 years (i cant really remember.. sorry..). We guessed that they would be the first to get married, but no so soon :p

So within a year or so, they would at least have to go ROM to register :) so it's time to start to think of what to wear.. hee.. and what present to get for them for their house-warming

Another reason why i'm so excited.. Tong is from airforce.. so will we get to attend a Military Wedding?? always wanted to attend one.. I like men in uniforms too.. especially all white uniform :p hee

Hereby wishing the happy couple the very very best.. and marriage is not about marrying the person that you can live with, it's about marrying the person you cannot live without.. I'm so happy that they two of them found each other :)

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