Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You jump, I laugh

I say: To love… is to obey by Frances Ong in TODAY (28/6/05)

Congratulations to Frances who celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary this month.

But whatever in her right mind made her write this article?? what era does she think she is living in? or on exactly which continent??

Her article reminds me of 三从四德 arguement I once had with vincent. It was after we broke up and he got a new malaysian gf.. so we sorta exchanged emails and i asked him what did he see in her.. He said he likes her coz malaysian girls are more 三从四德?!?

*Bah* *Gasps* *Chokes*

I almost smashed my comp right then. He chose her coz she's more 三从四德?! I replied him with a 500 word essay what i tot of him and his new gf (now wife). It was ugly, we lost touch for almost a year after that email..

三从四德 leh, what age is he living in?? and where??

Back to Frances.. she is exactly what I do NOT want to become, a slave to her husband and to her marriage.

Marriage is a 50-50 affair, being equals does not mean being calculative. comon, who can be equal in everything he does? who can sort out exactly how much one shld pay to be exactly equal? being equals in a marriage means having equal respect for each other. It means acknowledging that both parties are just as important in the marriage.

"The marriage vow basically says that even if a husband turns out to be a scumbag or a couch potato who cares more for Man U than for his mother-in-law, we still have to accept him."

At this point, i can only pity Frances, not only is she a slave to her husband and her marriage, she's probably a slave to her religion. my guess she's a christian, probably one of the more conservative kind. I have nothing against christians, I think many of them are very kind souls and i'm happy for them that they have found something meaningful in life and afterlife.

But I feel that Frances is someone that follows blindly.. monkey see, monkey do. Have she not stop, and think with her brain, that one that was used for her university education, and think about the statement that she jus said. No one in their right mind would choose to accept such a scumbag. I know, her husband must had put gong tao (a curse) on her and make her the mindless zombie that she is now..

If i'm her husband, I'll dash straight to Geylang for a nite of fun. Why? coz my wife would accept me no matter how bad am i, so why wait.. time to go 风流快活 loh..

an example of why a woman shld never accept a scumbag as a husband, or one that seems good and later turns out to be one. I have a friend whose father have 2 families. And his mother is being treated like shit in his family by his father and his little brother (basically treats her like dirt, plus a maid to push around). The worse thing that I saw the father did to her was not hitting her (yes, i was there when they quarrelled and he hit her), it was when he brought his illegtimate son home coz his mistress is not free to take care of him. WTF!! if i was my friend's mum, I'll walk out and leave him. But before that, I'll make sure i gather enough evidence of his adulterous ways as well as his illegal business (yes, his father dabbles in the triads). Then divorce him, get my proper share of his money. and then submit the evidence to the police and let them put him behind bars. damn that bastard!!

I side-tracked.. back to Frances.

"Submitting to my husband" is such an UGLY, no, FUGLY phrase. *slap slap* *wake up* why shld i submit to someone who's supposed to love and protect me.. hmm.. maybe coz she's into SM.. yah, that explains alot..

Sponge bath and prawn peeling.. I would do that for my husband too, but i dun do it coz i want to submit to my husband, I do it coz it's a way that i show my love for my other half and I know he appreciates it. Sponge bath and prawn peeling as submitting is like in the old days where the maid does everything for the master. remember all the shows set in the qing dynasty where the maids dress and do everything for the prince..

Guys, if u think that u like a wife like Frances, my suggestion is that you either go buy a wife from vietnam or get a maid. The former is easy to get, jus go down to chinatown, there's alot of agencies there.. else there's Mr Cupid.. omg, i nearly died when i saw the pictures and this "Speaks Basic Mandarin/ English; Family Oriented, Loving and Filial; Cooks and does domestic chores" I have nothing more to say..

Worse part is yet to come.. Frances is an educator.. I cannot start to imagine the number of poor young innocent minds she would pollute.. maybe she's the one that came up with this :
Got this chart from here

All in all.. Frances.. maybe things works out well for you this way, but pls dun pollute the minds of our children.. pretty pls pls..

~ I love, therefore I am ~


La Lumière said...

This is interesting... Outwardly i am a submissive wife.. inwardly.. i yearn to be free.

Jayce said...

I know how u feel.. i used to be like that too..

then i broke free.. and realised that i yearn the security that I had..

ironies of life..

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