Thursday, July 21, 2005

Huh? u mean it's 6 months already?!

that means 4 more months then can be born liao lah.. haha.. stupid joke :p gee i'm damn lame. It's all Jason's fault, jus ask my mei :Þ

yeah, it's already 21st of July, our 6th month together.. :) so it's time for photos photos and more photos..

*warning* it's gonna be a long long boring and narcissistic post, can read if u have nothing better to do, else better spend ur time here and do remember to pray hard then u can strike that 5m today.. and and, must remember to treat me if you do strike :p else can always buy me my V902SH *winkz*

Ok, back to me and my dearie's photos, photos and photos :)

Our Photo 2 I like this neoprint alot, jus the right angle.. hee :) was taken when we just got together :) two crazy pple walking over at causeway point and decided that we like to indulge in some kiddy, sec sch kids stuff and went to get our neo prints taken :p

That's the fun part being with my 灰熊 :) (ok, i know the 灰 looks weird, but that's what Babel Fish gave me) we can jus act like kids, go do all the silly kiddy stuff and not worry that he laughs at me for being so childish.. actually he cant laugh at me coz he's so much more childish like i am, like a 大小孩

Our Photo 2This picture is 5 years old wor.. look at our chubby cheeks :p ok lah, i know only mine are chubby.. but hey, at least it shows i slim down alot oki :) hmm.. that reminds me, gotta go check how much i weigh and let xuan know if i lost any weight.. hee.. Jason u're so gonna be in trouble :p

Hmm.. the photo is kinda blur.. bopian, it's scanned, cant do much about it..

but look at the date, so so so long ago.. i was still 19 then leh, so young and innocent, so is my dear², got that gong² look.. hee.. but still so cute.. oh, did i mention he have blue eyes then.. so mesmerising.. haha..

Our Photo 2 Sleepy us on Dear²'s favourite spot in my house.. hmm.. actually i think his favourite spot in my house is anywhere i happen to be.. yeah.. i'm sure of that.. hahaha.. super bhb siah.. lali lali la *winkz*

Anyway that's the massage chair he sleeps in when he stays over at my place :p I'm not ill-treating him oki, he likes to sleep on it.. it's not ordinary chair wor, it's massage chair leh.. haha.. *excuses* *excuses* (btw, this is the murder scene of the Grizzly murder)

Our Photo 2this is taken at the same spot, can see abit of my bed :p I like sleeping on the upper bunk, sometimes my mum dun even know if i'm at home.. hee..

Did an effects shot, nice hor :p but cant really see what dearie is trying to do, which is good, else this photo will be Rated already.. hee..

And see my hair? tryin to tie a very high ponytail and act like Ma Xiaoling (I have a date with vampire), Xuan's sister once commented that i look like her oki :)

Our Photo 2 Took this on to our 3rd monthsary :) very memorable day coz first i think the pictures taken on this day looked jus great :) then went for 3 interviews that day, first one over at Bank of Tokyo, second one at Maybank and the last one over at Citibank. Got the Citibank job which was great coz I love it here (for certain reasons which u can find somewhere in my blog :Þ)

Dearie went to photoshop this photo, did some effects, added words, printed out and put it in a lovely forever friends photoframe for me :)

Our Photo 2I think I'm abit too fair.. jus look at this photo.. one black and one white :p and last sunday, Jason's cousin actually asked me if I was from China!?! Coz I am abit too fair and I speak very good chinese :) hee.. of course lah, I'm a 华校生 mah, my A1 for both O level and AO level chinese is not bluff one oki..

But our skin colour is really very different hor.. and our height is also very different :p he's 31cm taller than me leh, and that is really alot :p

Us and flower2 Here's us with the Sunflower i got for dear² on his chinese birthday :p

I like buying pple flowers, coz I think it's great to receive flowers.. And guys do really dig getting flowers, first coz they would never expect to receive flowers and second coz they would never expect to receive flowers and third, guys are really more romantic than girls, so when u do a romantic thing like giving them flowers, they go abit ga-ga, then dunno what to say or how to react, so it's darn funny too.. hee.. and must make sure to make him hold the flowers all the time wherever you go to :p really very fun.. heeUs and flower2

Here's a ah gong photo :Þ the two of us actually are blind without our glasses.. but i'm the one with the more serious case, I really totally cannot see without my glasses or contacts *thank god for the inventor of contact lens*

That's my dear² with his ah gong aka army glasses.. He never really like to wear them, and he absolutely refused to wear them when he met me with my colleague the other time. He actually took the trouble to go get contacts just so my colleague doesn see him with the glasses, damn hiao hor :p hahah..Us and flower2

This is the lunch that dear² prepared for me.. the kitty is darn cute hor.. and if u look at the upper left hand corner, that's supposed to be a duck made from sausage wor, it's really quite cute :)

Then he also made stuff chicken wings, meat patties and yong tao fu soup (never take pic of that) wor.. my dear can really cook, he's like a house-husband :p

Also he helps out alot when he's over at my place, make breakfast for us (his fav prata), wash the dishes, clear up the table, run errands, and yesterday he was helping my dad fix our vcd player :p but again i must state, i'm not ill-treating him hor, he likes to do all these stuff one, serious :p

210505-4 Here's the pic we took on our 4th monthsary :) this photo very clearly shows the difference in our height and our skin colour :p and i was wearing make-up that day, so look extra fair :p

The picture is abit blur, taken with my free camera :p really must start saving up for my V903 liao (go see my link part, it's a super super phone, this one die die i will get :p so dear² u know what to do lah )

That dress i was wearing is my fav dress (not that i have many dress to choose from), coz alot of pple told me i look good in it :) and I do think i look good in it :)

We went over to Holland V for dinner that night, went to have my fav viet beef steamboat, it's really very good, the soup is very nice and there's alot of meat meat meat :p It's a must try if u guys like beef. and the other thing is, it's not expensive, only 28++ for a 2 person set.. and there's really quite alot of stuff, very filling for both :)

I really wanna blog and post more pictures but time is running out :p Actually i did have a longer post but then IE fucked up on me again.. argh.. irritating.. must see my fav photo NOW!!!
ar... that is so much better :) hee.. acting crazy again..

esplanade pana
see.. so crazy and boliao that we took a silly panoramic shot over at esplanade.. see the "durain" behind us :Þ

Last but not least, shall end this post with a collage (ok, i know it's an old one.. but no time to do a new one :p and this one looks good mah)


Happy Happy 6th Monthsary Jason Dear²

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