Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mark X / Auston Martin / Maserati

Jus saw a Toyota Mark X this morning on my way to work (I love walking to work coz I get to see all the cool cars when I walk by Millenia Walk, even at 8 plus in the morning ^^ ), and I was wow-ed :p I wanted to take a pic of it but then the owner might be having breakfast nearby so nah.. later paiseh :p

Our Photo 2
This car is damn nice rite?? ooo.. i love cars in black these days :)
More pics..

mark x
So nice rite? so unlike the run of the mill Toyotas.. but what really caught my eyes was the exhaust.. it's so damn cool leh. it's totally integrated into the back of the car, not like normal cars which have the exhaust sticking out.. but mark x is different..

Jus look at that exhaust.. so darn nice.. think I have a thing with exhuast that's sorta integrated with the body of the vehicle.. like i really really liked vehicles with nice exhaust system :p

Jus like when Honda came out with the CBR 600 with underseat exhuast.. it's jus so darn nice, jus loved it :p ok, now i have no idea which year this CBR is, but then it looks similar to the ones I saw in the mag last time.. and it's RED in colour leh, it's RED leh, what else do you want?? RED leh.. haha.. not difficult to guess what is my fav colour rite? :p

But really, i think the bike looked good in red, looks darn fierce with the black, machiam like fire like that.. hee ;)

Then the new R1 came out.. with underseat exhaust too!!! so so nice siah.. PLUS, it's TWIN UNDERSEAT EXHUAST!! does it get any better than this?? only thing is that it's darn ex.. add on with insurance (I always believe in first party), the price is really staggering.. and again, i have no idea which year's model this pic shows :p I'm always impressed by people who can tell me which make, model, year a bike is jus by glancing at it or hearing its engine roar *impressed*

But look at the pic, tell me the RED one is not the most outstanding one, tell me that and I'll whack u over the head, of course it's the most outstanding and stunning one :p no arguements about that.

and after much thoughts, I realise i dun really like underseat exhuast, coz that's where the pillion (aka me) is sitting.. and for those who haven been on a bike, or even near one, the exhaust is damn hot after the bike has been riding for some time.. it can really burn one lor, i was burnt on my leg the first time i sat on a bike, coz I didn't really know how to get down :p it hurt, alot!! *ouch* *sayang my poor leg*

Anyway, can u imagine that amount of heat right under ur butt?? and for those girls that likes to wear short or skirts on a bike ( I would never ever do that, first coz if u wear a skirt, u will definitely zhao geng, i have no need for the whole world, or at least most of the drivers to see my thighs or even my ****; second, the amount of debris on the road is horrible, u get hit by small pebbles and stones all the time, i dun even like to wear sandals on a bike, what more to say, something that doesn cover my whole leg :p ; third, riding on a bike at nite is cold leh, these pple have elephant skin izzit? not cold meh? ; fourth, similar to the previous reason, I dun wanna get sunburnt. It's bad enough to get sunburnt on the shoulders, not my whole leg too..), their naked legs are jus right next to the exhaust, any unwise movements will cause a nasty burn on their lovely legs.. so conclusion, underseat exhaust is not good for the pillion.

Since we're talking about underseat exhaust, let me jus talk abit more :p There are pros and cons to underseat exhaust, but manufacturers are producing more and more of them. One of the pros i can think of is that if ever the bike is involved in any accident, falls, at least the exhaust is protected.. no more scratched and ugly exhaust. And it is jus not economical to change an exhaust jus coz it's scratched. But the con is that, if ever there's a problem with the exhaust, it's gonna be more expensive to fix and repair, coz it takes more skills (wellz it is built into the bike, not like the old style where it's outside) and tools..

okok, no more about exhuast :p back to cars.. I jus love my workplace, coz it's right next to Millenia Walk where lots and lots of nice, nice, nice cars are parked everyday.. I'll always see the white Maserati, yellow and orange Lamborgini, an assortment of Porsche, Ferrari, Lexus, BMW and all sorts of luxury cars..

Then that day, I saw my very first Auston Martin!!! OMG!!! It's a freaking Auston Martin DB9 lor!! OMG!! OMG!!! *tries to take deep breaths* *another try* *calming down abit* *calm down enough to continue blogging*

It's in a shade of ark metallic grey.. darn nice.. from far it looked like the usual maserati, the front part looks similar but I knew from the moment I saw it, it was not the run of the mill maserati.. I went out of my way to walk past it and omg!!!

This is something like what I saw, i actually took photos of it :p but haven got time to upload :p hee.. and it's a new car oki, the car plate is darn new :p

Check out its ass, its exhaust (haha.. told u i have a thing for exhaust :Þ ), and it's tail lights.. so nice right?? the one i saw had red tail lights unlike this one, and the exhaust pipes are slightly different, this may or may not be the same model, but to an amateur like it, it's close enough :p

Omg, i still cant get over it, I saw a Auston Martin DB9 leh!! and it's not in a carshow or whatever, I found it on the streets.. meaning someone actually drives it!! ar... I'm going nuts..

Then I also saw this maserati, which is bigger than the normal maserati-s i normally see.. nice, kinda reminds me of Jaguar :p

will post the pics i took once i uploaded them :)

postnote:: went for lunch jus now and I saw this Rolls Royce!!! argh!! polish till it shines like nobody's business..

here are the pictures of the auston martin and maserati

the Maserati that is bigger than the normal ones i see, but i'm not familiar with maserati models thus dunno what this is :p

now please take a deep breathe.. presenting Auston Martin DB9!!!
auston martin
breathe.. remember to breathe..
check out it's butt
auston martin2
I'm in bliss now.. it's not everyday you see a 3 quarter of a million car on the roads.. but then this owner hor.. dunno what he did to the car, it was darn dirty.. let me help me wash lah.. I'll do it anytime andywhere :p hee *winkz*

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