Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Have Dumbledore really died?

For those who haven read or finished the book, please go away, spoilers spoilers..

For those who had finished the book, dun u guys find Dumbledore's death abit puzzling??

check out this forum thread, now they have very interesting theories, including the Dumbledore that died is not the real thing but someone who is a metamorphagi, or someone who drank the polyjuice potion; that the person who died was Dumbledore's brother, Aberforth; that the potion that he drank is actually crucial to bring him back to life in the 7th book.

After reading through the thread, i did realise that Dumbledore did not seem normal during the last few scenes.. and the raspberry jam thing.. Dumbledore mentioned it once and that was it.. any significance, or we're jus reading too much into the story..

Seriously i have my doubts about the death of Dumbledore and the allegiance of Snape, something is jus very wrong here.. really very wrong.. gosh, i'm already hoping for the next book to come out and Rowling haven even started on it.. dang it..

So many theories, which one is right??

Harry and Ginny, i think they make a sweet couple, since Ginny had always liked Harry and Harry liked Ginny well enough as a baby sister initially.. so so so sad when they had to break up, i hate it when two people loves each other dearly and yet have to part, this is jus not right.. hmm.. another theory, Ginny would play a role in the final scene, coz Dumbledore said, Harry had something Voldemort dun, and that is love.. hhmmm.. theories theories theories..

I think i must go back and read the book again, see if there's anything i missed out :p

postnote:: wanted to post this real funny pic of Snape which i found in one of the forum

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