Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dumbledore died, it's a necessary evil..

I've jus finished reading the book yesterday and despite the warnings that the end is so so so sad, a definite tear-jerker, I find my eyes dry and my emotions a flatline..

Is it coz it's too late and I was tired? or that i'm too jaded and such scenes dun affect me anymore? or maybe the people who gave me the warnings are jus easily touched? or PMS? no wait a minute, i shld be more emotional if I'm having PMS, dunno lah..

Anyway Dumbledore's death is necessary for the flow of the story, else Harry will never be able to face Voldermort alone.. It was sad, but I jus did not really feel that sad.. I was more sad when Harry had to break up with Ginny, that was the part that got to me.. Why? how would i know?

The idea of Horcrux is interesting, splitting your soul into two parts or even more.. using an extremely evil act to take apart your soul and achieve a state of undeath, immortality.
"Immortality is not the ability to live forever but the inability to die."
Many crave immortality for they do not understand the universe, they do not understand that there is really only so much a person can do, they do not understand that everything that is happening now is only a variation of something that had happened before.. they do not know that with immortality comes boredom, boredom of having seen and done everything before. Voldemort should go read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe series, then he'll see that immortality is really something he would not desire.

It's interesting to see how the immortality theme is being used in the book, in the very first book with the elixer of life, then now with horcruxes.. used to read the vampire romance books, cant remember the author but the 3 books are called Possession, Obession and I dun remember the name of the other book. It talks about how it is to be an unwilling vampire (aka bitten against his own will) and how he fell in love and how he lost his love. Thus the quote above came up in my mind, the immortality that the vampires had was not a power, it was a prison, trapping them, cursing them for eternity..

Back to HP6, overall it's a pretty good book, the story is much tighter this time round, the pace is much faster and many questions are being answered. I definitely prefer it over the last book, which was really tedious to get through..

One question that is not answered though, Snape, is he good or bad? One moment he seems good, the next he's a death eater, then he's an undercover for Dumbledore, then he's a double double agent for Voldemort.. huh?? ok, he did kill Dumbledore, but i think there's something more going on than Snape going back to his old master. Dumbledore strongly believed in him, even till his death, so there must be something that Snape had said or done to make him act so.. So what is it?

I do not think that Dumbledore is wrong, and in some ways, i feel that he knew Snape was going to kill him.. And that mysterious person, the one that took off with the real horcrux, who is he? R.A.B? another self title like the Half Blood Prince?? He'll probably play an important role in the fight against the Dark Lord, but who else dares to stand up against the dark lord, and have enough magic to actually steal the horcrux from the dark lord?? intriguing..

But alas, Rowling is not starting to write the book proper till next year, so it's another year down the road to wait wait wait..

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