Friday, July 08, 2005


yaya, i know i'm early, but i'm already starting to see mooncakes around already, so this post is justified :p

Whenever I think of mooncake, i think of Taka's event square where they'll have all sorts of stalls selling all kinds of mooncakes..

This is the traditional kind, the standard lotus paste with egg yolk.. so normal, and boring.. I prefer mine with snow skin and loads and loads of melon seeds :)

on second thoughts, i think i prefer these
Hello Kitty chocolate mooncakes.. they jus look so *kawaii* and oh-so-yummy. Check out Leisure-cat for its recipe :) hmm.. shall i attempt to make some?? I have ultraman mould wor.. err... somewhere.. err.. it's in.. err.. aiyah, it's in my house somewhere lah :p

Think Jason's sisters should know how to make mooncake, so i shall save the trouble of making them on my own :p hee.. ok lah, shall not be so lazy, will go learn how to make snowskin mooncake.. time to buy all those cute cute moulds liao :)

I like mid-autumn festival :) coz when we're small, it's one of the few chances we get to play with candles candles and more candles.. with candles comes lighters and matchsticks, all the stuff that we're not supposed to play with normally.. then we'll also get to play with spraklers.. and best of all, staying up till darn late to play with all the laterns.

these paper ones (look left) are the darn boring ones that you can find everywhere for around 50 cents. or if you want, i have boxes of them at home..

now these (look right) are abit better, looks so much nicer and they come in all sorts of characters.. i think that's Doraemon on the extreme right.. but then these are battery operated, no candles to play with.. boring..

This is the kind of laterns that I like. darn pretty, all transparent and such. and coz i was born in the year of the rooster, i would always get one in the shape of a rooster. And if i'm lucky, I'll get a phoenix one coz i have the word phoenix in chinese in my name.. and also phoenix is the prettiest latern around :)

but being the careless girl, i always manage to break my latern.. the paper used are darn thin, jus a slight tug and u can tear a hole in them..

Mid-atumn festival was fun in secondary coz our school actually celebrates it with us :) being the chinese school that we are, we'll have celebration on a saturday night with freeflow of mooncake and all sorts of performance. It's really very fun to go to school late at nite and jus have fun with all my classmates :)

Another memorable Mid-atumn was during JC or yr 1 in uni.. that year me and my mei did something silly.. we actually climbed out onto the top of our car porch and started playing with candles and happily eating our mooncake :) actually was quite dangerous as there were no barriers and dun think it was meant to hold much weight :p

hmm.. this year's mid autumn festival.. plans.. hmm.. shall ask Yingzhi out and celebrate together :)


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