Monday, June 20, 2005

Work Allergies

That's it.. I finally knew what's wrong with me, I'm have THE Work Allergies.. *shivers*

It's scary but it's true.. and there's only one way to cure it, or two actually.. find a rich guy and marry him.. or alternatively, keep buying Toto/Big Sweep till I strike and can finally quit working..

But in the meantime.. I'll have to cope with it.. :( poor me.. *blink* *blink*

Here’s a list of all my physical symptoms:

  • Stuffy Nose:: technically cannot blame it on work coz I have sensitive nose and it gets all blocked up when I’m in an air-con room.. but heck, i blame it on work.
  • Nasal drip:: I never got it before, but I’m suffering from it like a few times every week.. For those who dunno what nasal drip means, it’s like having running nose but instead of flowing outwards where u can wipe it off, it flows back to ur throat, causing you a bad headache and an irritated throat.
  • Sweaty palms:: serious.. I always have such a problem but it’s not that bad.. But when I’m at work, my palms will get really sweaty and I’ll have to wipe them every few minutes.. darn irritating.. I dun get it when I’m on my pc 24/7 at home.. Only at work.. and sometimes when I’m lazy, I jus smear all my sweat on the table.. *yucky* haha.. my desk must be full of sweat stains.. when CSI comes around, they’ll know who occupied this desk.. haha.. I’m crazy..
  • Headaches:: always get it after prolonged periods of looking at the pc AT WORK (never at home oki).. Then will have to take my trusty neurofen, which turns out to be not so trusty afterall.. my friend informed me yesterday tat a Brit research showed that prolong usage of neurofen results in a 50% increase in heart attacks.. I’m not that concerned about the heart attack part, I’m more concerned about my supply of neurofen, what if they take it off the shelves, what am I gonna go??

Here’s a list of all my psychological symptoms:

  • I hate Mondays
  • Mondays are the longest day of the week
  • Mondays are the worst thing ever invented
  • Mondays are bad. Period.

Hmm.. wonder if I can get medical claims from the above?? haha.. siaoz.. it must be the nasal drip :p

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