Monday, June 13, 2005

We are all Corporate Whores

Whilst on my way to work here today.. I’m suddenly struck by the meaningless of everything.. Everything that I do..

I'm jus a corporate whore.. Selling my life and soul to a company which doesn care about my life and death.. I’m not talking about my department in particular.. In fact, I think my department is great, they even helped me celebrate my birthday last Friday, my colleagues got me a nice cushie and then the whole department got me a nice big chocolate cake.. It’s the first time that my company actually celebrated my birthday for me..

But almost everyone I know is a corporate whore.. We do meaningless things just to etch out a living.. We do things that we never thought we would do.. We sell our souls for jus abit of money so that we could go on living..

Whatever happened to our childhood dreams, all the ideals that we had when we were young.. Remember the dreams of becoming an astronaut?? Of being able to be in space and look down on the blue green planet that we call home??

What is a life without dreams?? What is a rainbow without colours?? A butterfly without wings??




Searching.. Always searching for something but never knowing what that something is..

Sold our souls and changed into someone who even we ourselves dun recognise..

I long for a past time.. Days where a single lollipop can make my day.. Days where I look forward to the other day with relish.. Days where life has a meaning and the meaning is life itself.

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