Friday, June 10, 2005

Buyers Beware!!

When getting a new mobile phone without contract, please please please do go to reputable shops instead of those over at Tao Payoh or Bedok. Those two places are a definite NO NO.

Before I go into why u shld NEVER buy phones from such places, here's two shops that i would recommend. They may not have the lowest price in the market, but they are reputable and they are HONEST.

Mobile Square located at Novena Square and Far East.. look for Wilfred

Whymobile located at PS, but they're moving soon.. look for Samuel

These two shops are highly recommended by me and my friend for their friendliness, their expertise, willingness to lower the prices for repeat customers, prompt service and HONESTY.

ok, why do i keep going on about HONESTY?? coz the shops over at Toa Payoh are dishonest. in fact many many many mobile phone shops have very dishonest salespple. They may sell u the phone cheap, but it comes with a list of accessories that you HAVE to buy.

My colleague jus got a K750i, a very nice phone. she got the phone cheap over at Toa Payoh, only 680, compared to the 700 offered at Whymobile.. that's a good deal mah.. But what i am angry about is the way the sales person cheated her.

First he told her to get a Memory Stick Duo for her phone. Fair enough. then he offered to sell her a 256 msd citing that that's the maximum capacity of msd. BULLSHIT! then hello.. what am I using for my v8? a freaking 512 msd pro lor. utter rubbish.. and if the highest capacity is 256, then what is this
for those who have difficulty seeing, it's a 2G Memory Stick PRO Duo.

and this


Another thing, he actually asked her to buy the msd adaptor, which is basically an adaptor to make the msd into a proper memory stick. It's not really essential, since K750 comes with a usb data cable which transforms it into a card reader.. But the thing is, he actually sold the adaptor to her, when it COMES with the package!! What kinda rubbish is this?! how can u sell someone something that is SUPPOSED to come with the set?!?!

the story goes on.. he got her to buy a spare batt which she also wanted, so fair.. but it NOT FAIR that he says that the batt can only last for less than a day.. err.. true, se are well known for their batt prob, it can never seem to last, for 2 days!!! 1~1.5 days is perfectly fine lor.. and the batt for k750 is li-polymer leh, it's much much better than li-ion which my phone is using and my phone can normally last for 1.5 days. and i'm a HEAVY-DUTY user.

plus he claims that the batt that he's getting her is gonna be made in Japan.. that may be true, may be not.. i dun really know that much about batteries, only that u can hardly find batt made in japan and they are terribly expensive.

Next he proceeded to sell her a original SE desktop charger for her spare batt.. well lies again. SE only have desktop charger for HANDSETS,

which also works as usb portal and handsfree..
if the sales do insist the SE have desktop chargers for batteries, well i know ar.. it's this one

which is compatible with T18di(?) and other weird weird model that are super outdated and not sold in sg anyway.

So i really wonder what is the sales gonna hand to her next wednesday.. and yah, the best thing is she have to go back next week to get her accessories. I'm gonna go with her and I have a good mind to argue with the sales till he refunds all the money for all the crap accessories that he sold her.

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