Thursday, June 09, 2005

Say No to Pre-marital Sex

My answer is a definite NO.

No in the sense that I'm open with the idea of pre-marital sex.

why?? coz i'm not a hypocrite.. i dun wan to be like someone who never tried something and says that it's no good..

and why not?? sex is good for everything..

"Hormones that pour through the body help promote health and healing." - Anthony Fiore, Ph.D.

"Frequent Sex is Good for You and Your Marriage!" -lan Farnham

"Sex makes natural selection more effective by increasing genetic variation" - Nature

"Female orgasm, the mate-selector?" - Today

See, sex not only helps us heal naturally, promotes health, is good for relationships, damn, it's een good for mankind on the whole!! the benefits of sex can go on and on and on.. jus go google and u'll know..

ok, u might agree that sex is good but there must be no premarital sex. Bullshit!!

i think that girls who say that (yes, girls only coz i dun think there are any real man that keeps themselves for marriage.. even if they said they are, there's no way to tell..) are either too gross to get a boyfriend/stead/fuck-friend or they are so pure on in the inside, and so god-damn ugly on the outside (hey, God is fair) that even if they want it, their other half couldn't get it up..

so after the first miserable try or after years and years of trying to get someone, anyone, please jus anybody to fuck them.. and failing to do so.. they announce to the world that they dun believe in pre-marital sex and would keep themselves for marriage.. bollocks..

(postnote:: sorry for sounding so crude, i'm jus pissed with these kinda people who shoot their mouths off, critizing things that they do not know or understand)

here's the reason why i believe in pre-marital sex:

  1. What if u fail to find someone that u wan to spend the rest of ur life with?? u definitely dun wan to get married jus for sex rite?? so if u're against pre-marital sex, and u stay single all ur life, u'll die one day as an old maid plus missing out the greatest thing in life, sex.

  2. Some things need to be taught and learnt, and i dun mean from porn, that's all fake. In almost every point of ur life, u need a teacher, someone who can teach u the ropes of the trade, the tricks that only insiders know.. u cant depend on sex books to teach u how to have good sex, coz everyone is different. That's why u need a teacher, who not only teach but also guide u along.

    and it's very important for someone to teach the guys what is the proper way to handle a women.. they tend to equate fast and furious to be good.. *teh* wrong answer.. we girls like it slow and gentle.. :)

    and they need to know where the right buttons are..

  3. Heavy petting and sex is the same thing. Comon, if u are open enough to let him touch everywhere and also have his fingers and even tongue inside u, what's so much different from a penis?

    "but..but.. heavy petting would not get me pregnant but sex will mah.." asks an innocent looking girl going *blink* *blink*
    WRONG!! as long as the guy ejaculates near the vagina area, u can still get pregnant. or if he ejaculates and somehow gets semen on his hands and he happily start fingering u.. remember that sperm can and will swim. So why not practice proper safe sex, wear a condom or take contraceptive pills and be assured that there is only a 1% chance that things can go wrong??

    or u can say, easy, jus make sure the guy doesn ejaculate.. *bish* how selfish can u get?? jus coz u can't get an orgasm doesn mean the guy can't have it. and u're forgetting pre-cum which also contains sperm.

  4. Guys need experience to be good in bed.. imagine 2 people who are both first-timers, imagine the awkwardness and pain.. ur honeymoon night leh, surely u wan it to be memorable in a good way..

  5. It's like testing the goods before u buy them.. u really dun wan to wait till marriage before u realize that u and ur partner have "compatibility" issues.. yah, some things can be talked about before getting married, but hey, sex is like driving, all theory is useless, u need actual testing and driving.

said so much.. not tryin to say that you should jus jump into bed with anyone.. jus that when u meet the right person, and when the moment is right.. go for it.. sex can make two person so so much closer together.. both physically as well as mentally.. and there's nothing more satisfying when both u and ur partner achieve orgasm together :p

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