Thursday, June 09, 2005

Fake Lexus RX300

Dear² I’m gonna pre-empt u.. hee :p

Yesterday was passing by Carlton hotel when we saw this Lexus RX300 parked in front of the lobby.. Jason has this habit of guessing if it was really a Lexus or a Harrier pretending to be one.

Ok, basically, Toyota Harrier (a parallel import car) is the exact same car as Lexus RX300, only difference is the emblem, rims, some other tiny details and of course the price tag.. But for a sum of 2k, u can get the mechanic to change the emblem and the rims of the Harrier to make it look exactly like the Lexus. Only thing that most people dun change is the Toyota emblem on the steering wheel, coz it involves changing whole steering wheel (dun ask me why they cant jus remove the emblem and stick the Lexus one on) which would cost quite abit.

So we were thinking, since it's parked in the hotel lobby, and it has quite a nice license number, which was retained from his previous car (it E-something 8-something-something), must be the real thing.. But curiosity drove us to its window and surprise surprise, it's FAKE!!!

It's a $122,988 Harrier.. ..
pretendin to be a $148,888 RX300!!

(they do look the same dun they.. it's all part of Toyota's marketing scheme to come up with 2 different model names for the exact same car)

In order to explain why it was a fake, I came up with this theory.. This owner used to be rich, drive nice big sedan (like Mercedes S class) and bid for golden license plate numbers.. Then his business failed and he needs to sell his car.

But in order to save face, he got himself a Harrier, paid an extra 2k, and made it look like a Lexus whilst saving a total of almost14k. So he could go tell his business partners that he sold his sedan coz he wanted a SUV, and still could show off saying it's an expensive SUV.

haha.. very boliao rite?

So this led me to think about fake stuff.. I personally know people who are like the owner of the fake Lexus, they wan the whole world to think that they are rich when they are actually not. Not to say that they are poor, jus not filthy rich as they make themselves out to be..

Actually I may seem like such a person, tryin to act rich when I’m actually broke. But it's not true.. I dun act rich, I jus like to spend money and I like expensive stuff. I dun go for branded goods and stuff, but I go for gadgets, branded surf merchandise and good food.

To me, fine dining is the way to go. That is a habit cultivated from young where my family would go out for Tim sum lunch in town and seafood dinner at various restaurants along east coast every Sunday; my elder sis would treat us to great Japanese food every Saturday; me and yixuan would go and have something nice every now and then after school..

I'm a semi-gourmet, I can rattle off a list of good Japanese restaurants (but sadly alot of them close them already, it's so hard to find good Japanese restaurants these days), good seafood restaurants, good Thai restaurant, good steak places and etc. then i could give u a review of the restaurant, from settings to food to service. I love to eat.

Gadgets, I love mobile phones.. Jus love love love them, I can hardly go thru a day without my beloved mobile.. Changed from Startec to Nokia 3210 to Nokia 8250 to Nokia 6510 to Nokia 6100 to SE Z600 to SE S700i to current V802SE.

For every phone I get, I’ll try to keep it in tiptop condition, get all the accessories and personalize it as much as possible with the latest mp3s, wallpapers, themes and etc..

So people think I’m rich coz I like to go good restaurants and keep changing phones.. But that is not true.. I jus enjoy going to such places and I’m willing to spend my money. At many times, I do a holiday job jus to get a new phone; I’ll throw in more than half a month's salary into the phone. That is how willing I am to spend my money.

Ok, I digress too much, why am I talking about myself so much?? I think I’m narcissistic also :Þ

Back to the fake Lexus, why do people want to get something fake and pretend that it's something that it is not? What I really cant stand are all the Malay teenage boys carrying LV sling bags.. At least if it's an executive carrying a one, i might think that it's the real thing, but a malay teenage boy.. Oh the answer is so OBVIOUS! *FAKE ALERT* plus that fake Gucci Cap.. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Fake goods feeds egos..

Normal folks trying to jump the gap to be rich..

Fake will always be Fake..



Anonymous said...

i think you missed one thing, the photo of the harrier is the previous generation model while that of the rx300 is the current model =P

Jayce said...

thankz for telling me that.. :)actually i know it's the old model, jus that couldn really find a nicer picture, and i wanted a pic with more or less the same angle Þ

Anonymous said...

can u afford even a harrier? just a jealous low class crap