Thursday, June 23, 2005

On days like this.. ..

.. .. I feel low.. ..

on some days you feel happy, on some days you feel extremely happy...

but today is a day where i feel low low low.. ..

think it's PMS.. hormones screwing up my emotions..

read XiaXue's blog today and she can write whatever she wants to write, why are there so many people writing her such nasty mails?? cant they understand that if they find her stupid or something, they can jus move their little mouse cursor to the upper right corner, then click on the close window button.. Yes, that little square with the "x" in it.. move ur cursor onto the square and click ur left mouse button. There, irritant gone.

Things like that make you realise how many boliao pple there are in Singapore, they have so much time to read blogs, then take the time to compose such long emails to scold someone..

It's hard to be popular these days.. you really gotta have skin of iron.. no.. make that titanium..

Yah, i guess u can say things go both ways, she can write whatever she wants in her blog, u can write whatever you want in ur email, fair. I really got nothing more to rebutt if you throw me this arguement..

.. but i can say, get a life can or not? so free to email here email there.. else, cannot be abit nicer ar? be abit nicer to someone will die one ar? she bitches and it's entertaining mah.. dun u read her blog to see her bitch about her life in general?!?

and scolding her for her remarks in New Paper.. wellz, it's common knowledge that reporters chooses whichever part of the interview they wan to publish, and New Paper is, frankly speaking, a tabloid. Words can be and are twisted to make the report saucy..

Read this somewhere and it applies here.. "Everything you see/read in the media has an agenda, nothing is innocent."

back to me..

why cant life be the way i want it to be?? yah, i know why, coz the world doesn revolve around me :(

on days like this, i hate my life.. i hate pretending that i'm happy.. i hate having to put on a facade and face the world when i jus want to be left alone..

I write with alot of ".."s dun I?

incoherent entry..

incoherent me..

incoherent life..

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