Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm Not Sorry

"Life is not life unless it can support itself."

Found this website the other day, it's very meaningful.. I'm Not Sorry

This site is where women share their abortion stories. I'm always pro-choice. I believe that you should not bring a life into this world if you are not ready to provide for it. And you shld not be penalised for making a difficult choice.

Many pro-life pple think that abortions are bad, that god gave these people a child and they shld accept god's choice and embrace the child into their lives.

let me ask them this question, is god gonna pay for all the medical fees?? is god gonna help raise the child? no. yah i know, god works in mysterious ways.

I know alot of them choose to believe in life out of the good of their hearts, but sometimes they are really overboard. Like in the States where they will be pro-life protestors outside abortion clinics, scolding and hurling abuses at the women who choose to abort their babies. Don't they have better things to do? I'm so glad there's no such things in Singapore.

Don't these people know that those women already struggled to make the choice (i think it would not be easy for anyone to knowingly kill their baby), why do the pro-life camp have to make things harder?

Why cant they sit down and talk to them, understand why they made the choice and give them support??

Just because they can afford a child doesn mean everyone can. Also can you imagine a 18 year old girl bringing up a child with an 18 year old husband? not saying all 18 yr old couples cannot bring up a child properly.. but I see so many young couples, with little babies in their strollers and puffing away. Don't they know that second-hand smoke is bad for their babies. Don't they know that smoking greatly increases the chance of the baby getting born prematured and developing all sorts of problems like brain damage??

We are humans, we have freewill, and thus we have the right to choose. To choose not to bring a child into this world when we know we could not provide it with all the love and care it needs.

Being pro-choice is being selfish. but if you cant even take care of urself, and make sure that you use contraceptives and don't get pregnant, how can you even think of taking care of another life. And it's not a short term committment, it's like marriage, it's forever.

"Welcome to life, it's middle name is Unfair"

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