Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bikes, Cars and Me

Since we’re on my fav topic (refer to last post), let me ramble abit about cars and bikes..

I jus love love lurrrrve fast cars and bikes..

I love Class 2 bikes and Coupes, but what is most important is the driver/rider. There’s no point driving a fast car if all you can do is zam yu (zam yu=ram the accelerator) and be a straight road warrior (chey). Basically anyone with peanuts for brains can do that.. Even me, who can’t tell my left from my right (yeah, I’m THAT bad, that’s why I haven went to get my license), can do that.. hey I know how to play Daytona hor..

Though it’s SUPER DANGEROUS, it’s fun to race when there’s traffic around so you can weave in and out of other cars.. hee.. And I like high speed cornering, that’s where the driver’s skills come in.

Ok, u might be thinking of drifting.. Nah, no chance to meet someone who can really drift, think too hard to practice in Singapore and not really very practical.. But I think Darren did it once by accident :Þ

Sliding happens more often, and it’s really fun, coz you can really feel the end part of the vehicle slide.. That’s for bikes and cars, but must be careful that you dun fishtail..

And cornering for bikes is so so fun, coz one moment your face is just next to the ground (ok lah, not so low, but at least your knees are really close to the ground) and the next, u’re upright again, safely on the road.. yeah, I’m a sucker for such thrills..

The lowest corner I’ve ever tried was SLE exit to Woodlands Ave 2, that time the roads were relatively new, so can corner like there’s no tomorrow. It was fun too coz it was a down slope.. But nowadays you cant corner that fast there anymore coz the roads are quite worn out, no more grip.

The fastest I’ve ever been on a bike is 160kph (mei, if u’re reading this, dun dun DUN ever tell mummy hor, pretty please please :Þ).. and it was more than once.. both times we were racing with some other bikes.. the first time was along Upper Thomson Road. I like the roads there coz the area is darn cold (water catchment area mah) and the roads have just enough bends to make it exciting.. So Darren speed then slow down abit for corner, jam brake, swerve left and right to avoid cars. Yah it’s dangerous, but never to the point of reckless ok. It’s calculated risk.

The other time was on SLE I think, but we lost to a smaller bike. Can’t blame Darren coz he’s just gotten his ZX6R.. but we lost to a ZX4, zhen dui lian. Haiz..

Image Hosted by
(think shld be this model, the 98/99 version with purple stripes one)

There are a couple of times more, but I cant really remember when and where already.. 160 on the bike and 160 in a car is very different.. In a car, you jus feel that the car is moving fast, on a bike, you feel like you’re flying, really.. all I could do then was hang on for my dear life. The Adrenaline Rush.. literally knocks you off your feet.

About cars, I like people who drives fast and smooth, don’t like it when people jerk the car a lot (but think about it, who does). And I’ll never sit in another car with a P plate driver. I’ve tried that once and if I have balls, it’ll probably shrink to the size of peanuts, crushed peanuts at that. Mercedes is well know to be a smooth and stable car, but after that ride to hell with one of my course mate driving ( think she had her license for less than 3 months then), oh my gosh.. no more P plates, I rather walk.

Both Darren and Jason drives pretty well, the latter I haven got the chance to be in a car with, but he handles my dad’s van pretty well, which is quite a feat in itself (coz my daddy dun really maintain the van). Darren drives like a racer, coz his dad drives that way too.. I like what his dad told him when he first knew how to drive.. A Miss is A Miss.. you cannot hesitate too much when you drive or you’ll never get anywhere, like my brother, he drives at 70kph, now abit better, can go up to 80, but still.. too slow..

We had fun with his dad’s Toyota Corolla, though it’s an old car, we managed to outrace many newer and supposedly better cars. Conclusion, it’s not the car that you drive but how you drive it. Look at Initial D, Takumi drives such an old and pok car, but it outraces all the other newer cars.

Then there was this once I got a ride in a BMW Z4 (whoopee!! Envious right?). steamed jus hearing the engine rumble.. That guy was a fast driver too (kudos to all fast drivers!!), jus love it when he drop gear to overtake the other cars.. the engine.. I’m in love.. with the car of course.. no interest in that guy though he looks quite ok.. that same day I got a ride home in a Mazda 3, nice car, more comfortable but not exciting.. I’m a sucker for cheap thrills.

There’s one thing I didn’t understand that day, why cant guys switch on the radio when they are giving me a ride?? I didn’t really know those guys, they were friends of Xianhe.. so there’s nothing much we can talk about, so instead of driving in silence and having me desperately trying to find something to say to fill that silence, why cant they jus switch on the radio?? And maybe the songs the station plays and give us something to talk about.. hmmm.. Xianhe said maybe they tot it’s more polite this way so that we could talk on the car.. errr.. I really prefer the radio on.

Last words, anyone with a Harley Davidson, please offer me a ride.. I haven got the chance to sit on one before..

Image Hosted by
(this one looks nice, customized i think)

and anyone who drives a

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
(pink pink pink!!!)

Image Hosted by

can give me a ride??

Hee.. best if can lend us the car and I’ll get Jason to drive :p no worries, I’ll top up ur tank for you before I return the car.. hee..

I think wo xiang tai duo le. But everyone is entitled to dream mah.. :Þ


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