Wednesday, June 01, 2005

MRT Commuters are Blind

I believe that they're either blind, or they're extremely shortsighted..

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cant they freaking see the huge huge yellow arrow on the floor?? even if they cant see, cant they feel it?? they purposely made the arrow pop up, so that all those "blind" people can feel it..

jus really amazed at the people these days..

In the morning where u'll obediently stand outside along the lines, patiently waiting for the train to come.. then this uncle/auntie would come along and stand right on the freaking yellow arrow!!! and best of all, he'll stand so close to u that the newspaper in his hands is touching u.. argh.. no thank u, i have no interest at all to share the newspaper with u idiot.

then like there's no tomorrow, they have to rush into the train.. comon, if u dun let the passengers alight, how are u gonna get on.. but still they squeeze and squeeze.. idiots

also hate the kind that cuts in front of u jus as the train comes.. there u are, standing behind the yellow line, the person would squeeze past u and stand right in front of u, putting himself in danger, coz he's outside the yellow line and so darn near the train.. and putting u in danger by letting u smell his backside..

hate hate hate all these people!!!
Are u blind?!! cant u god damn see the arrows on the floor?! so beneath u to look down izzit?!

another kind are those who stands on the right side of the escalator.. erm.. look at the sign, please stand to the left.. there are people who are in a rush of time and needs to walk up the escalator without you blocking the way. .

if u are so unfortunate to be pushed to the right side (like me by some stupid malay woman this morning), u could do ur part by walking up the escalator too.. dun hog the escalator and block people's way.

all these people must be blind coz they have signs asking people to keep left.. u dun even have to be literate to understand the sign.. they are all in pictures!!! thus my conclusion that majority of MRT commuters are blind.

postnote:: the same thing happened to me last nite when i was gonna alight at Woodlands.. alot of pple were tryin to get off the train and there's this stupid auntie that was squeezing in.. so i purposely walked right up to her, shoved past her and made her drop her bag.. hahahaha..

postpostnote:: coincidently, dear² also got into such a situation, so he stepped on the guy and put his whole weight on his foot... hahahahaha...

we're such an evil couple.. :Þ


Anonymous said...

haha, everyone here gets this problem. Tell you something i do, whenever you're coming out of the train and people trying to rush in are blocking your path, step just out of the train door and stop there until they all move aside. The more people do it, the faster people learn to stand aside.

Jayce said...

my bf does that all the time, but sometimes pple are really thick-skin, they'll jus stand there and stare back at u. so he'll jus barge his way thru..

I tried doing that before too, but i'm too small-sized already, pple jus walk past me like i'm not there :Þ