Monday, June 06, 2005

Crude language and the blogsphere

been reading thru quite a few blogs and realized that quite a few blogs are kinda crude in terms of the language they use.. not only by guys but also girls..

I admit i curse too, but it's not part of my daily language, only when i'm real angry.. (darn, damn, shit are not foul words) but for these bloggers, their whole blogs are filled with such words.. sometimes to the point like they're putting the f-words in for the sake putting them in.. and also, i have this nagging suspicion that they think it makes them sound cool like the angmo?!

ok, the last point is something that needs further explanation.. why do i say so?? most would disagree, saying that they dun think the angmos are cool at all.. that they are themselves and they dun have to look to some other race for cool-ness. But the angmos are cool, they invented that word.. haha.. ~lame attempt at a joke~ that aside, we, as Singaporeans, have been brainwashed to look up to caucasians.

Hegemony: The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others.

for Arts students, this should be a familiar word.. it's a form of social conditioning, a set of rules being passed down from the top. the most successful hegemonism are those which are so sublime that the people have no clue that they are being conditioned.

for one of my projects in uni, i was put in charge of doing a write-up on hegemony. so during one of the revision lectures jus before exams, my lecturers actually asked me for an example of hegemonism in Singapore. I was stumped, naturally tried using the argument that the truly successful hegemonism is one that cannot be seen, whilst my brain tries desperately to think of something..

*ding* *ding* *ding* out of the blue, i hit jackpot!!

My example was the speaking of the English language in our society. When we meet up with strangers, we tend to speak in English, instead of Mandarin, even when the stranger is local and chinese and we're pretty sure that the person understands Mandarin perfectly. Why is this so?? coz since colonial times, we had been taught that English is a superior language, coz all the Brits speaks it. Also out official language was English. It is 4 different languages now, but the main official language is still English, despite Singapore having a Chinese majority society. And if u're in an English school in the old days, u'll guaranteed a well-paid job.

We are socially conditioned to think that speaking english is good and that the angmos are better. In this day and age, the idea that the angmos are better may not ring true but then the hegemonism is still there.. old habits die hard..

(ok, my arguement here isn't really that convincing, but it's already 4 years back since i tot of it, so i cant really remember what i said then.. only that my lecturer said it was a good example :) one up for me)

back to crudeness of blogs.. seriously i find alot of the crude language and remarks unnecessary. i jus read this blog written by a guy, it's jus those normal day blog, telling people about an argument that he and his friend had.. and he have to ask people to fuck themselves if they disagree.. erm.. hello.. know the word "unnecessary"??

What's wrong with these people?? ok, let's give them the benefit of doubt that they speak like that in daily life, but i'm very sure they dun speak to any tom, dick or harry this way.. ok, then back to the argument that it's their blog and they can say whatever they wan.. that's true.. but this blog is mine so i can criticise them as i like. and yah, i know the blog is theirs and i dun have to read it if i dun wan to, so here, i'm not goin back to that bugger's blog.

and there's something called overkill, too much of something and it loses its effects. too much of fuck and the word is jus an irritant, instead of something that expresses ur feelings.

Is it coz it's partially anonymous so people feel free to cuss and swear all over their blogs?? partially coz if u really want to know who the people are, there are always means to find out who they are, unless they are the expert expert kinda users.

on the same note, they like to talk alot about sex too.. think singaporeans are too repressed, need to use blogging as an outlet for their sexual fantasies..

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