Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I feel like I'm in a 偶像剧

Thinking about what happened yesterday.. i think, life is really not bad to me :p and i really feel like a little school girl.. hee

ok, here's what happened.. we had an arguement on sunday nite over a long standing issue.. he got upset and i got even more upset so i decided to ignore him.. which i did for the rest of the night and much of the following morning.. ignored his msgs and calls.. i really didnt wan to talk to him and i did have work to do (which i am supposed to do now.. but heck lah..)

Wellz, over in the long long nite.. he tot thru what we argued and think he realized that he overdid it.. can really sense his panick when he msged me.. asking me to please reply him.

But i was pissed, i really did not want to reply him.. coz of him, i didnt really get much sleep that nite and as a result, my cough got worse.. lack of sleep plus cough made my mood worse.. i refuse to acknowledge his calls.

but after awhile, i gave in.. well anyone will if they read all his sms-s.. i replied back..

He kept apologising and asking me for another chance, promising me that it will never happen again.. i was in a dilemma, coz i mentioned, it was a long standing issue, i dunno if it can ever be solved (that is my fault, but there are some things that i will not do). I dun like arguements, and i really dunno should we go on or not..

He told me that he wanted to meet me after work, i said no. I really did not wan to meet him then.. then he said he got me some Tussils and he's gonna go my place and pass it to my mum. No way i'm gonna let him do that, what am i supposed to tell my mum?!

In the end, he waited for me outside my office. I took my time to do my work and went down late..

Saw him standing near the fountain area, with a big bag by his side..

He proceeded to take out a small bouquet from the bag.. for me, to apologise.. then took out the tussils he got for me, coz i was like coughing away.. and inside the bag was a huge present.. i opened it up and found this big, like almost a metre tall bear bear called Debbie :)

He was super apologetic when he gave me the gifts, keep asking me to forgive me.. then he told me he was at my office at 3 plus(?!), waited for me for more than 3 hours.. tat silly boy..

how could i not forgive him?? so we kissed and made up :p

That silly boy, spent so much time and effort and money jus to get me to forgive him.. that brings me to my blog title.. what he did really makes me feel like i'm in a 偶像剧.. i tot stuff like this will only happen in that little black box :p

*很幸福* :)

*真的很幸福* :)

and dear dear, i like the bear bear alot :) and the flowers :) and the tussils :) and the anti-mosquito thingy :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey have a great day, I'll be back to see yours again too. :)