Wednesday, June 22, 2005

For Bikers and Motorists

Been wanting to post this but it keeps slipping my mind.. been suffering from short term memory.. jus ask Jason

To all bikers out there, here’s something u guys shld know..

Hate the stupid red brick zone that they put around school zone?? Hate all the lines and wordings they have on the floors that LTA claims that they are painted with non-slip paint, but are really treacherous to ride on during rainy days??

Well now you can do something about them.. erm.. technically not do something about them but if ever u buang coz of the red bricks or the new road paintings, u can charge LTA for it and claim back the damages caused to you and ur bike. *justice*

Basically, if you buang coz of the road conditions and you are not speeding (if you are then too bad, that’s your own fault, who ask you to speed in such conditions :p), called TP down and get them to record the case, take all the necessary photos. Then either engage a lawyer or write in to LTA to claim back the damages that they had caused you coz of improper road maintenance.

It’s been tested and proven, if you buang coz of road conditions, then it’s LTA’s fault. Else, why should we all pay so much road tax??

Jason's friend claimed on LTA twice, one time was when he buang coz it was raining and the zebra crossing paint was slippery, and he was travelling at 20kph. The other time his bike flipped coz one of the bricks was missing on the roads (you know how they like to pave the roads right outside HBD blocks with bricks). Both time, he managed to claim both medical and repair fees back from LTA.

So if ever u’re involved in an accident and you know that it’s not your fault, please do not hesitate to fight for your own rights. Don’t be like ya ba chi huang lian, basically jus swallow everything like a dumb person who ate something darn bitter and cant tell anyone about it.. Alert the authorities, let them know what happened, else how can they ever better themselves. Without feedbacks, and sometimes lawsuits, how will the authorities ever know that they are doing things wrong?

To all motorist, bikers included..

Ever met a chiong car on the roads and feeling tempted to race with them?? Wellz now, think twice.. this news shld be everywhere already but this is jus a reminder.. If ever you see a white WRX and ur hands (for bikers) or feet (drivers) feel “itchy”, please think twice, TP jus brought about 10 (?) white WRX.. so one day, you might find yourself racing against a white WRX and the next moment, you’re being caught for speeding and maybe even reckless driving (wah, this one is shiong).



crufty said...

A biker racing with a WRX? Even if the WRX is modded, a Class 2 bike should have no problem dispatching it, so why bother?

Jayce said...

that's true.. no car can win any class 2 bikes in sg, but when it comes to straight roads, wrx will eventually catch up :p

Browse abit thru ur blog, car junkie wor, what car do u drive??

crufty said...

Err... no my friend... it takes a lot of horsepower to beat any Class 2 bike in a straight line, but the frontal area as well as drag coefficient of a WRX makes it even worse. It's not unheard of for a stock Class 2 bike to hit 300 km/h; a car doing those speeds would be newsworthy.

In a twisty mountain road or under poor weather conditions, things may be different since the game is now traction... a bike is still 1 wheel drive after all.

Driving an 03 Evo 8.

Jayce said...

oo.. my mei would love u, she loves ur car, all evos for that matter..

hmm.. that's true.. but think of it in another way, how many riders in singapore would actually dare to go up to 300kph?? road conditions in sg really dun allow bikes to go up to such speeds.

crufty said...

Haha... that's uncommon, most women aren't able to appreciate Japanese 4 door sedans. :D

Hmm... true, but traffic in SG is even worse for cars. Sometimes with a road hog 90 km/h on the expressway is not possible even if you drive a super exotic hahaha :p

It's true that bikers are more vulnerable to unsafe driving though.

Jayce said...

let u in to something, my mei is only 17 :Þ jus say we are kinda different, we love car/bikes and techie stuff :)

I hate road hogs, cant they jus learn to give way?? whenever I met them on the road, will high beam, if they still dun give way, we'll cut him off then jam brake (my ex is a driver from hell)

Sadly bikes are very much at risks but at times, it's coz of other road users who do not regard for the safety of bikes.

crufty said...

re: road hogs... just don't like their attitude... refuse to give way, and when you try to overtake from left, they'll give you one kind of look as if they're not happy that you can actually overtake from left. Hahaha :p

Jayce said...

haha.. then at this point of time, one of ur fingers will come in very handy ,,|,,