Tuesday, May 24, 2005

To See or Not be Seen

ok.. lame attempt at the title.. was tryin a "to be or not to be" but it turned out weird.. not Shakespeare mah, wat to do.. plus the fact that i scored RED for my literature.. :p

jus pondering, again about blogging, do i wan my entries to be seen or not??

I started this jus for fun, a place to vent out my frustrations, really not something that i want everyone or even anyone to read.. then i realise, it's like whipping up a meal and u're the only one to enjoy it.. ..

I do wan pple to read my blog.. AND i do wan to write private stuff in my blog, all the little queer things that i think of every now and then.. all the things that i DO NOT want other people to know.. that's what this blog was started for, for me to write down things that i want to, regardless if i want people to know or not.. damn i'm contradicting myself..

Then i think abt it again, who would actually bother to read what i'm writing?? i'm not funny or sarcastic like
XiaXue (her blog is interesting) and i dun have any hobbies and exciting episodes like this pervie (his blog is even funnier, i mean how much loser can u get by posting ur fantasies as the real stuff.. now the whole cyberworld knows how pathetic u are)..

I guess the only person who would read my blog is my dearie.. Thank u sweetie *muuuaaaah*

But it's pretty ok with me, i dun wan the whole wide world to hear me bitch.. and when i'm nasty i do use alot of bad words (influence from someone :p ) and u know what, i dun give a damn.. u can fucking go fuck a teeny weeny spider and it's not my prob, it's ur prob, coz u'll have problems finding a spider small enough for ur prick. but i draw the line at those dialect vulgarities.. they are jus crude and adds absolutely no substance to anything..

So do i wan to be read or not be read?? i really dunno...

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