Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rain Rain Rain

I hate it when it rains in the morning and i have to go to work.. it's perfectly fine with me if it rains and i get to sleep in, but not when it rains and i have to get to work.. :p

and this fine morning.. it was pouring, very very heavy rain.. till i can hardly see.. was jus drizzling when i dragged myself out of bed.. but jus when i was about to leave the house, it poured.. the rain was so so heavy tat i can hardly see my neighbouring blocks.. but lan lan have to go to work, so off i went..

i'm in luck, the bus jus came, so i tried to rush to the busstop, and at this moment, the straps on my stupid heels choose to fall off.. and damn it, the bus (912) went off without me.. gong gong stood at the busstop and waited for 20 minutes before the next 912 came.. from heavy downpour to light drizzle.. what amazing luck.. haiz..

and guess what, the i-dunno-what-to-say bus company, seeing the heavy rain, sent out many many buses for the wet commuters.. but only after the rain lightens to a drizzle.. wellz at least they made the effort though it was much too late.. so while i was at my busstop waiting and waiting for the darn bus to come, i see not 1, not 2, but 5(!!) 912 at the opp busstop.. the last 3 buses was practically empty!!!

managed to squeeze onto the sardine-packed bus and got to the train station half an hour later than usual.. i hate to be late.. lucky the train wasnt too crowded, got a seat and read my book.. the train was quite fast, got to cityhall only 20 minutes later than usual.. so i got to the office before 9 :)

I dun like to be late, i'm a person that tries to make it on time everytime.. for my previous job, i was never late except once, and it was all Ronald Rumsfield's fault.. and i'm serious.. that time he came over for a state visit, the traffic police blocked the whole road so that he and his convoy can pass.. and thus i was unable to cross the road and was late for less than 5 minutes..

but then today, i cant really be bothered.. my boss is not that fussy abt coming in early or late.. as long as we get the things done, she's really pretty ok.. also very flexible with lunch timing.. she's a nice boss, alot like my ex-boss over at OCBC.. i like this kinda boss, that's the way an office shld be, give ur staff the freedom as long as work is done by the end of the day :)

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