Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Abortion Rates on the Rise

Jus saw on the news, out of 4 pregnancies, 1 end up in abortion.. .. *sad*

and the number of highly educated women aborting their unborn child are the rise.. i think it's not a matter of whether women are well educated abt contraceptive methods or not.. it's 2 things.. the first, we all think that we're infallible.. when we're young, we think that we own the whole world, that nothing can hurt us, nothing can harm us.. we always think, everyone does it, i wldn be the one that would kanna anything.. so heng i would strike 4d first :p that's what we always think and the unthinkable would always happen.. it's sad but true.. we are all human, prone to errors and things will always ALWAYS happen.. things that can really break u..

Second, more highly educated women choose abortion coz they know they have this option.. abortion is risky, it IS AN OPERATION.. but one would not hurt ur chances of conceiving again in the future.. though it still carries its risks.. how to say, it's coz they know more, that they choose to give up.. so what do they know more?? they know that the operation is relatively safe; they know that they can achieve so much more WITHOUT a child at this point of time in their life; they know that shotgun marriage is NOT the ONLY option.. the more u have, the harder is would be to give up.. highly educated women have more things in life, they have their degrees, they have their careers, they have their goals.. it's hard to jus give up everything...

Also, the statistic is flawed, we have a more educated population on the whole, so it's not fair to say that more educated women are choosing abortion, it's coz there ARE more educated pple in the first place...

Education makes women more cruel.. or maybe the word is unfeeling.. when u think abt how much u have to lose if u have the child.. u make that harsh harsh decision.. but it's not a justified decision.. it's not one that can be justified.. *sad* *sad*

Life is harsh.. harsh.. harsh..

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