Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Dear this post is for u.. ..

read ur blog last nite.. and i cried.. (nothing new.. i always seem to be crying.. ) and i wanted to reply, but i have no idea what to say..

Come to think of it, i never have a clue what i am doing.. i jus let things happen.. that's what i've always been tryin to tell everyone.. dun think too much, jus do it and fuck care.. the world would be a happier place..

I know u're upset.. and i know it's not easy on u.. i didnt mean to drift whilst we were out.. i always have a short attention span.. i know, it's sounds like an excuse, but it's true.. i'm a true blue gemini mah.. i jus didnt realise that it's hurting u so much.. and at many times, it's unconscious, i dun even notice it myself..

Time blurs everything.. i guess it will.. it took me almost half a year to get over vincent, then even longer to get over FL*, in fact i dun think i'll ever get over that..

I am very happy for the past 4 months.. haven laughed so much in so so long.. .. .. shouldnt that be the most important thing?? jus being able to smile and laugh.. life is short, i really dun like to think too much.. as long as each day is a happy day, i can say i've lead a meaningful life..

Really, 不要想太多.. 每天能开开心心 就是最好的事了.. 人生就只是如此。

*i'll tell u abt it next time..


Burnz said...

dear... i only wan u to know that i'm urs everysingle day till my very last breath

Jayce said...

i know dear.. always knew..