Saturday, May 28, 2005

I walked down a FREAKING 35 FLOORS!!!

I'm still not over the SHOCK and AFTER-EFFECTS!!! i actually freaking walked down 35 floors.. it's walk down ok, not take the lifts, but freaking walked down in heels hor.. ok, i kinda took off my heels after 10 stories, but that's not the point..

Stupid stupid building have to have a fire drill yesterday and we had to take the stairs and go down a freaking 35 stories... 35 floors leh.. that's like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of stairs down..

my office is on the 30th floor, but then the stupid building that i'm in, the difference between the first and second floor is 4 storeys.. coz it's looks nice to have a very high ceiling for the lobby area..

so when we read the 2nd floor as it was written on the stairwell, there was a sign written to this effect, too bad, there's 4 more floors to go.. damn it...

so grudgingly continued to climb down the stairs.. and did i mention the stairwell was hot.. and it's the kinda stairs that i hate the most.. the kind like overhead bridge where it's one piece one piece one.. erm.. like can see through one lor.. if really dunno what i'm saying, go to ur nearest overhead bridge :p

anywayz i hate those kinda steps coz it looks like it's flimsy and i'm always paranoid that i'll trip on the gap in between the steps.. so when i was walking down, i was like.. tryin to be very careful and tryin to catch up with my other colleagues..

and u know this kinda stairs, very narrow and goes round and round.. so i kinda felt dizzy on the way down.. then i'll have to walk even slower in case i feel giddy and fall off..

it was a very very bad experience

and right now, my legs hurt like crazy.. haven done much exercise for the past few years.. yes i'm lazy but that's how i choose to live mah.. :p my mummy helped massage my legs with this ointment that is super cold, even after almost 2 hours my legs are still cold..

i cant walk properly now, cant really bend my legs.. ..

damn i hate to work on high floors, and my desk doesn have a view anyway.. damn it

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