Monday, May 30, 2005


Assumption : Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof; a supposition.

I hate it when people assume things.. especially when they assume things about pple that they do not know, never talked to and will never understand.

I'm not saying that i'm a saint and i dun assume things abt pple.. but i dun voice out those assumptions.. i assume then give them the benefit of doubt by keeping my mouth shut. Sooner or later, i'll know if my assumption is right or wrong. I dun go abt bad-mouthing and telling people that i think their friends sucks, that they are all bastards and cannot be trusted.

I just request the same respect.

Who are we to judge?? to judge what is right or wrong?? how would you know what a person is really like?? by listening to one person?? and that the one person is bias. It is not fair to the party being judged.

Would u like to be judged based on what one person said?? and a bias viewpoint at that.

How would u know that he's jus playing with me in his spare time? how would u know that i'm still dear to him when u already said he had moved on? how would u know what he thinks of me? how would u know what i mean to him? how would u know what i really think?

why do i talk about him.. coz i'm not like you, i dun have a big circle of friends. I dun have alot of people that i can talk to. I dun have much friends who shares the same interests. I dun have much friends who really knows me. He was there for me for the past 4 years, and he still is now.

He had been a good friend and always will be a good friend.

He controlled me alot.. i know that, i knew that right from the start and i accepted it. I knew from the start that he's a bastard and i accepted it. i took it as a challenge to change him and i did.

I dare say that he's a better person today coz of me.

There is no turning back, i said that more than once already. No means no, that's the end of the story. Period.

Jus when i was ready to really let go.. u choose to dump this on me.. I know u hurt, u think i cannot tell?? i'm not blind or deaf or dumb..


god knows..

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Burnz said...

dear.. i'm totally sorry abt it and i won't do that anymore... i realised my mistakes and please give me one more chance