Thursday, May 26, 2005


So some people live in their memories.. where nothing can harm them.. where it's always safe and warm.. 鸵鸟政策 mah..

It's really true.. coz it's all in ur head and nothing, anything or anyone can do to change it.. coz it's in u and no one has access to it but u.. ..

That's why i always wanted to die young.. i wan to live a fast and furious life and go off with a bang.. (sound like a biker hor.. hee.. i like BIG BIKES)
I wan to live an exciting life and die while i'm still young and pretty.. I wanna be like James Dean.. in my heart, he's forever young, coz he died young, and i'll never get to see him old.. unlike elvis, who died old and fat.. not that he's not nice, jus that he's old and fat..

But my life is as exciting as plain bread.. hmm.. give myself benefit of doubt, my life is as exciting as wholemeal bread.. (coz it's more healthy and have a better texture..) having said that, means i cant go off with a BANG.. damn it.. but i dun wanna live till i'm old and wrinkled..
:( please please let technology advance and when i get more mature, i can go for.. ..
r e j u v e n a t i o n
*cross fingers* *pray very hard*

nb:: think i read too much SF liao.. haha.. in addition, the title doesn seem to have much to do with my post.. *grinz*

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