Friday, May 20, 2005


Realised that i'm quite emotional, i get upset or pissed easily by the things i see or read..

like jus now i was at this site called I Believe You.. it's this story abt a guy and a girl falling in love but cannot be together coz the guy died.. was so sad when i read the story.. dunno why got so affected when it's jus a story.. I hate such stories coz they always make me feel so sad.. i really dunno when have i started to become so emotional.. used to be able to watch all those sob shows and laugh at how silly the actors are.. these days, i'll actually even cry.. remember that day was watching Lui Jin Sui Yue (tat 10pm show on channel u).. was so so so sad when Shangben and Tian Lan (hope i got her name rite, suddenly cant remember..) broke up after the trial.. it was so so so heart-wrenching.. i never get it, why do two people so much in love have to part?? i know it's for his family and stuff, but hey, it's ur life, not ur family.. but then that's what makes the show nice rite?? anyway trying to hold back my tears when i saw the scene..

then jus now was in sgforums, boliao, reading through some of the threads.. wah, damn pissed with this guy.. he's going, "eh, how come i dun get turned on by new girls??" then said things like maybe he've seen too many girls and sianz already.. that they dun turn him on and he cannot get it up.. then claim that he loves his gf, yet cannot stop himself from fucking other girls.. walau, read already i was damn pissed lor. what the fuck is he trying to prove.. then guess what he have in his sig?? a Friendster a/c no.. bet it's not his.. damn pissed when i read this post lor.. say he's not impotent, that he can get turned on by his gf.. then what the hell is he sleeping with other girls who doesn even turn him on?!? wtf!!! really damn angry lor.. this guy cmi lah..

saw another thread he started, it's on his adventures of having sex in public, where are the best places to go!?! this thing.. (i wldn call him a guy coz

... ARGH...

the rest of my post disappeared!!! damn it, i have no fucking idea what happened.. (yes i'm crude) shit.. tried the recover post button but what's on top was all i got.. still got alot more one.. damn... gotta retype everything again but almost time to be off work liao.. think will cont in the weekend..

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