Friday, May 20, 2005

Presents, presents, presents..

it's gonna be our 4th month-sary on sat, wat shld i get for him?? really cant think of anything.. in fact i almost forgot abt it.. so fast 4 months already.. time really flies..

i really have no idea what to get for him this time round.. and it'll be his birthday next month.. wanted to give him a surprise, get him something nice but then really cant think of anything, then since he wants to buy some new shirts, think would bring him over to Raoul to get a new shirt.. i love Raoul shirts, i like guys in stripped shirts.. not those big big ugly stripes of course, bt alot alot of small small stripes then all of the same colour jus different tones.. i jus love the black shirt with grey tones, look darn nice.. but only in the display, didn see it on the shelves.. maybe get him a shirt and *censored*.. dun wanna say :p supposed to be suprise mah..

the other thing to fan is what to get for my present.. i know what i wan to get for myself, that pair of levi's ladies, that cost 218.. dun care, that one definitely must go buy, but maybe only in july, money is kinda tight for june already.. but what to get from xianhe they all leh?? budget would be around 50, what to get leh?? thinking of books, but no time to read at all.. how abt make-up?? those nice nice and not too ex one.. hmm.. trying to wear some eye colour now.. maybe shld get them to get me that.. ok, time to go buy some mag already, then can see see what are the latest colours..

more important thing.. what to get for Jason this coming sat?? really cant think of anything.. and dun really feel like spending much leh.. then already got him a photo frame, a cross-stitch, bear keychain, hp strap.. what else is there for him?? give him the card?? and next month, month-sary falls on his birthday.. so how how?? get him the shirt enough liao?? or shld get something else also??

but dun have so much money leh.. and planning tat short getaway, will be spending quite abit already.. sianz leh.. i dun have enough to tide thru the month lor.. cant even get myself the present in time for my birthday.. sianz leh..

why is money always tight??

and not to mention i gotta put money back to the places where i took them from, then gotta start saving again.. really not enough to spend already.. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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