Thursday, May 14, 2009

So where is the man?

There are stupid commercials and there are STUPID commercials.. On par with the Discovery Channel commercial (the only-we-can-save-the-world, when it's WE who are destroying the world) which I really really hate, the recent dengue commercial featuring Ivy Lee really got on my nerves..

Now when did locally produced commercials invade my precious cable TV?!?
So the commercial started blabbering about how working mums would be affected when their children gets sick with dengue, how they have to cope with the stress of taking care of their child and handling their work at the same time. Fuck, where's the fucking father? You mean the father is not responsible for taking care of the child? You mean the father, other than fathering the child, have nothing to do with the child's welfare?

Actually I have beef with all the recent dengue advertisements, be it on TV or on the bus, almost all of it places the responsibility on the mother.. For goodness sake, take a look around the people you know, who cleans the house and takes care of the children, it's either the maid or the grandparents, how many mothers really stay home to take care of their kids?

And I hate the way the "traditional" role of the wife is being portrayed. Why must the woman be the one taking care of the child, why is the mum responsible when the child gets sick, aren't we talking about equality here? Can't the father take care of the children as well?

Recently I found out that single mums are not entitled to maternity leave.. That is simply unfair, are they not having children which the government so desires? Aren't they the one who need the maternity leave more than normal woman coz they have to take care of the child themselves? On one hand you want more births, on the other hand you refuse to offer help to people who fall through the cracks and yet decide to have children. It's just slapping themselves in the face.
Yes, I know what "traditional" family values are, but tradition is a moving concept, it changes with time. Just like same-sex parents, whoever said that "abnormal" families cannot raise decent children who can be a positive contribution to society.

Once again I feel the need to move out of the country. I do not have love for Singapore, it's just a place I happen to be born in, when I retire, I'm leaving this place for good. Singapore is a place with no culture, no history, nothing to remember, nothing to hold on to. It's simply a place to make money and then scram.

There is no Singaporean identity, there is no Singaporean value, the only kind of mentality we have is that as long as we earn money, nothing else matters.

Right now the choice of retiring is either Taiwan, maybe in Kaoshiung or Taichung, or Canada. I want to live in a place where there's culture, where people respects each other, where I can lead a peaceful life without having to worry what other scheme the government is coming up to take my money away.

Singapore, I will be happy to get rid of you from my identity one day. For now, I would keep your passport coz it's convenient.

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