Saturday, December 20, 2008

Girly Weekend

It's great to meet up with Jun and Xianhe.. just the three of us having a great lunch, gossiping about life and doing Christmas shopping :p ok I'm the only one shopping but it's still great to have company to give me opinions when I need one.

The tim sum buffet at Cherry Garden is pretty decent and we have a good time just chit-chatting.. All of us had been so busy that it's really been a while since we had time to sit down, relax and just enjoy the afternoon together :) And then shopping with the girls is always the best way to spend the afternoon.. I can still remember when we used to go shopping everyday after school, it may be just window shopping then, but it's one of the best times we had.

And Jun knows me best, I love to shop for baby clothes, they're just so damn cute!! It's very simple for me to like something, it has to be either furry or small or shiny, baby clothes fits the small category :p Liking the clothes is one thing, liking the.. .. haha.. Ivan if you're reading this, get the hint :p me? baby? haha.. u have a long time to wait :p

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