Saturday, December 27, 2008


It a was quiet Xmas this year.. the weather didn't really help, it was raining the whole of Xmas eve, even the taxi uncle said that business was lousy..

While it was Xmas eve, there were no half day and I think I left the office at like 630, which means it's business as usual.. What to do, business is bad these days...

Xmas Dinner 2008
Ah Dear and I made a simple dinner.. Canned soup, leftover pork knuckle, fresh-made salad.. It's not about how lavish the food is, it's about the company.. with Ah Dear and Scruffy by my side, I think it's the best Christmas ever.. maybe I'm getting old, but i dun care :p

Scruffy and her Xmas gift!! It was good while it lasted, a total of less than an hour before scruffy bit the nose off and it's officially spoilt :p

I spent Xmas evening at the super atas St Regis.. one of the unit heads got married there and we were being invited to dinner.. The place was damn grand...

All the food came in individual servings and it's really pretty good.. I love the dessert which is ginseng essence with longan.. the combination sounds weird but it's good, I'm gonna try make it for dessert some day.. Didn't really take pictures coz it's too dark and all the photos turn out blur..

But here's me and lynn in the lift :p damn cool lor, the lift have chair leh.. we mountain tortoise, but we had to take pictures :p

It's actually a pretty nice christmas, a nice break in between the hectic week.. but I already planned my leave next year, no way I'm gonna stay in the office next year :p it's time the others suffer :p

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