Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If it's urgent, then do it right

Don't come blaming me when the transaction is delayed due to your mistake ok. It's not fair, I did not give the instructions, I helped by checking with the relevant departments on what's going on, so don't accuse me of not doing my work.

If you know that the transaction is so important, you should had checked and made sure that everything was right before giving out the instructions. You gave the wrong details, of course the transaction is not put through and obviously it's get delayed. So it's my fault?

I know you're anxious about the transaction but like I said, if you're anxious about it, do it right the first time.


And I dun get it, how come everyone is always late when it rains in the morning? Where are their sense of responsibility? Just because it's raining doesn't mean the world stops in its track, life goes on and so does everything else.

When it rains, I leave my place early so that I can reach on time coz I know there would be traffic delays and such.

I make the effort to come into the office early every morning. I make the effort to finish my work before I leave, even if it means that I have to work late. But I'm penalized for coming in early, I have to retrieve all the fax and stuff; I'm also penalized for leaving late, I have to clear out stuff which my dear partner had forgotten and I got scolded for it.


I tend to skip lunch these days coz of budget constraint, but our arrangement was that my partner go for lunch at 12 and I go at 1pm. Just coz I skipped lunch for a few days, she happily took the liberality and leave for lunch at 1145 and come back at 130. What if I have a lunch appointment and needs to go off at 1pm? I can't coz someone needs to be in the office.

Basically I'm just being too nice and people are taking advantage of me. Damn.

It's a good thing that my manager is not blind and she could see that my partner is not on the ball. And she knows that I'm holding the fort on my own for most of the time. At least my efforts have not gone to waste.

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