Monday, July 14, 2008

Fishing is Cruel

It might be fun but there's no denying of the fact that it's damn cruel. I know I'm in denial, I eat meat everyday, but what you can't see cannot kill you.. Fishing is just so in-your-face..

We went over to Ubin last weekend for fishing and I have to say it's a pretty interesting trip. It's my first time on a fishing trip and though my feet hurts like crazy from the oh-it's-only-a-15-minutes-walk-but-was-in-fact-an-hour's-walk, it was a very different kinda experience. Plus I managed to catch some rays, so I'm nicely brown right now :p

Still the whole fishing thing was so cruel! First were the worms.. They are alive and then being cut into small pieces, hooked onto the hook while still alive, and threw into the water as bait.. Then the live prawns.. they too are alive and a hook would be put through the tail so that it remains alive in the water.. gosh.. and we have a couple of prawns which only had their tails left when we got it out of the water, meaning fishes nibbled at it till it dies.

That's the bait part... When fishes were caught, it's just as cruel.. And the worse ever thing happened while we were fishing, and I was responsible for hooking the poor stingray. It was the only fish which raise to the bait that day and after a long struggle, we finally got it out of the water. The first thing to do when you catch a stingray is to chop off its tail so that it can't sting you, and that's what ah dear did.

The only thing is, we didn't know the stingray was pregnant, so right after ah dear chopped off its tail, there was this whitish stuff at the tail area. Initially we thought that it's the intestine or something like that, but when we put the stingray into a bag of water, turned out the white stuff was a baby stingray! omg! We immediately placed the baby back into the water, but it's too late to save the mummy stingray.

Would I still go on fishing trips? I might, I still like the traveling part, but I'm gonna stay far far away from the "action" the next time round.

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