Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I dun understand, if it's a guy and he doesnt get the hint and stop calling me when I tell him that I'm having a manicure, I'm ok with it coz guys are stupid anyway. But it's a girl for crying out loud, I'm getting my nails done and it's so damn damn difficult to answer the call lor, so stop calling me!! argh..

Let me say this, I'm not having pre-wedding jitters and my bad temper is not due the anticipation on the wedding, coz I'm not having very high hopes for the whole thing, I can already tell alot of shit is going to happen that day and for sure I would lose my temper. But guess what, I dun give a damn, I just want to get it over with and continue with my life.

It's so irritating to plan everything, everyone have different ideas and it's just so difficult to try to accomdate to everyone's wishes, not that I'm a very accomodating person in the first place.

Planning an event is not easy, yet people are not cooperating and asking for the strangest things, like asking for the floor plan when they have not even confirmed the number of tables, it's so ridiculous.

And I dun get the yu sheng thing, is it very interesting to have everyone lao yu sheng at the same thing?? it's not a d&d lor.. duh.. and then then whole tea ceremony thing, one moment want this, the other moment want that..

Fucking headache now.. sian

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Anonymous said...

Yes, MY MUM is not an event person !! she is very ignorant, didn't know that have to confirm table then can get FLOOR PLAN !!!!

ALSO, she was just ASKING if can chg a dish to "YU SHENG" to make it a memorable event and not trying to CREATE a D&D. SAY, do i see D&D having DANCE FLOOR and LIVE BAND...

I'm trying my best to be VERY ACCOMODATING, UNDERSTANDING and WEARING THAT HAT.... yet, have u spare a thought for me !!!

Yours Future-Dunno-WANNABE-Husband !!