Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Humans.. humans.. exactly how human are we? What constitute to being a human, the ability to be cruel to others? The ability to see ourselves as saviors when we are the real destructors? We are so delusional that I'll bet a hundred bucks that we're the most delusional creatures to appear in this part of the galaxy.

We Singaporeans live in a pretentious society, we pretend to care for the next person; we pretend to be kind by making donations; we pretend to care for the environment; but really, how many of us really care? I would have loved to blame the government for our current state of affairs, but is it really their fault? They provided a convenient lie and we lapped it up.

Do we care about the uncle picking empty drink cans from the dustbins? No, coz if they cannot find a job, it's coz their picky, it's their fault, not ours. That's the mentality which is drilled into us, if someone is down and out, it's their own fault and not coz life had not been good to them.

They destroyed our dreams, we forgot what it is like to dream big, to reach for the stars. All we have now are petty quarrels, little local squabbles, it's hard to live in peace when there is nothing to work for. Where did our dreams go to? Where's the race for space? Why do we have to confine ourselves to this tiny space? Why do we have to confine ourselves to this tiny planet.

Dream! We need to learn to dream! We need to remember how it feels like to dream big! We need to put more people on the moon! We need to send people on generation ships! We need to explore the universe!

It's no longer enough to dream, we must dream big, so much bigger than ourselves, it's more than our lives, it's humanity! At the rate things are going, humanity will be lost in the book of extinct races.. We are only great because we look at the stars and see something more; stars are more than points of lights in the sky, stars are our next destination!

Dream! We need to dream, I need to dream! I've forgotten what it is like to feel, to live; I've forgotten that I'm not a robot, doing meaningless work day in and day out. I have to dream! I need to dream big! Only dreaming can give me the courage to do what I have to do, to pack up and leave, to go out there and do something which is more than just a means of survival, to do something which really counts.

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