Thursday, August 16, 2007

The 7th Lunar Month

It's upon us once again and on the first day of the ghost month, I was all alone in the office working.. then again on the second day and today :P The second half of the year is always the craziest time, I have an event in Sept, Oct and Nov.. *stressed*

I'm so burnt out and it's only Thursday.. I cant wait for the weekend to come, gonna stay at home and just sleep.. my neck is so stiff..

Whenever the ghost month comes, I get reminded of this conversation I had with this Christian lady (CL) a long long time ago.. I've probably blogged about it before.. hmm.. dun care..

I was at this party during the ghost month when the CL came up to talk to me.. She also immediately started preaching when she learnt that I'm not a Christian (fyi, I'm a agnostic), and since it was the ghost month, she started telling me something to the effect that Taoist are stupid trying to appease the ghosts when all one had to do is to believe in Jesus Christ and there will be no need to fear.

Then she went on about stupid Taoist having to spend so much money on gei tai and offerings, all to appease the ghosts. Coz she was someone's relative, I was polite during the whole one-sided conversation, nodding and pretending to listen to her. I quickly excused myself when she came to a lull and went to the side to laugh.

How ignorant can she get?! My gosh.. see when you dunno about something or a certain group of people, you keep your mouth shut about them. For me, I can't say I really understand Christians, I dunno how they think, so I keep my opinion of them to myself. That CL hor.. nothing but a bigot who spoils the name of all Christians.

Gei tai and offerings are meant to appease ghosts? Offerings maybe, normal folks offer them in fear of ghosts.. that might be true.. But gei tais are not done up by normal folks, they are done up by companies, temples, associations and such, and trust me, these people are not looking at appeasing ghosts.. no way, gei tai is like this big bribery thing..

People who does gei tai are business people and what else do they love more than money?! By setting up a gei tai, they dun look at appeasing ghosts, they look at pleasing them so that the ghosts can bring wealth to them. It's a very simple logic and CL have to show her ignorance by saying that gei tais are done coz pple are afraid of ghosts.

Please.. for the people who does up gei tai, they are more than happy to meet the ghosts so that they can direct their requests to them.. (I think I did blog about this before.. :p)

Ignorance and arrogance.. pui..

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