Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm not a morning person, my mind don't start functioning till 11am, coz that's the way my body clock works. I sleep at 12 midnight and I wake up after 12 noon, that's my ideal way of living life, but ideals are always ideals..

Need a haircut!!! The condition of my hair is terrible!! spilt ends and broken hair :( Really really need a haircut to get rid of all those, but must resist the temptation to do any chemical treatments.. It's already like shit, I dun have to make it worst.. but it's been like half a year since I've colored my hair, it looks so plain right now.. and I'm contemplating curls..

Must ren.. .. .. Oh, also feel like doing some extensions.. how how?

The news of what "Crown Prince" did got out, not surprising since he practically cc-ed the whole world in the mail. But still I'm surprised to see pple blogging about it, I mean these people are still in NS and they're talking about our "crown prince" leh, officially no one can do anything about them, but unofficially a lot of things can happen.

Now this is gonna be interesting.. :p

Spent a day talking to our counterpart in China.. Initially I thought it's gonna be boring, but I got a pretty pleasant surprise and found that we had a lot to talk about, we shared our experiences and I really learnt a lot, both from him and myself. Sometimes you just do the things you do and never stop to think about them, yesterday gave me a chance to think about the things I did over the past 2 years and I realized that I actually achieved a lot of things..

Time to update my list of achievements :p

The renovations are about halfway done.. all the floor tiles are in place already, toilets done up, so now all we need to get done is the painting and cupboards.. Ok, I'm simplifying things, there is another 101 things to be done but that's the two main items to be done before the house is officially livable.

It's exciting, but it's also very tough on our bank account.. I wonder how long it will take for us to pay up all our loans... hmm... haiz...

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