Thursday, July 12, 2007

Donuts.. and we're nuts

.. actually it's more like we're idiots falling for the stupid gimmick.

Now Donut Factory has a new outlet over at Suntec and we stupidly went to queue up the other day. Colleagues and I were in the queue for a grand total of 15 minutes before we gave up. It's just too fucking slow and it's not slow because the queue is amazingly long, it's slow coz the staff have absolutely no idea what to do and they do not know what service is.

We were like 20th in the queue and we had to wait for more than 45 minutes and we moved like only 10 places? It's ridiculous.. People do buy the donuts by dozen, but it's not like there's absolutely no donuts on the shelf waiting for people to buy them. The problem with Donut Factory is the inflexibility of the staff.

If I want a dozen glazed donuts and you do not have them, you could just take my order and ask me to stand by the side to wait while you serve the other customers right? Wrong, they will just make me stand at the counter to wait and leaving all the others behind waiting as well. Now that does not make one bit of sense, coz the customer behind could want something that's available, so it only make sense to let one customer wait and serve the rest of the customer. But of course the staff do not think like so and you would see the four of them standing around, staring at each other.

How stupid can they get? More.. They have only one person refilling the donuts, 1 person serving and 2 cashiers.. huh? The cashiers are staring into empty space most of the time coz there's only one person serving.

The management is just stupid.. and we are stupid enough to think that it must be something good coz the queue is long.. man.. And I did try the donuts before, it's nice, but not worth the time. Singaporeans are just depraved.. haven they tried Mr Donut? Dunkin' Donuts? And the donuts over at Taka is just as good, now why don't they start queuing for that? It's the herd mindset, if there's a herd of people there, it must be something good??

I wonder how long this trend can keep up, just like the coffee bun thing, just how long will it take?

I'm not one who can tolerate bad service, I call it an occupational hazard.

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